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Banc de crypto: Another disgusting scam just showed up.

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Banc de crypto is only a scam which believes in luring traders to join their crypto mining industry by making high falloting promises which are not verifiable. So if you are looking for a legitimate cryptocurrency mining broker, make sure you stay away from banc de crypto.

Bancdecrypto.com review

We are starting this review with landing page of bancdecrypto.com. This scam makes numarous unverifiable promises.

First they claim to be the world’s first private cryptocurrency fund. They also claim to be convesant with the traditional system of how investment works.

But their is no evidence to support any of this claims. When we run this scam called bancdecrypto.com on who.is, we realized that the domain was only registered on 6th June, 2017. This time frame is less than one year ago. Yet they claim to be the world’s first private cryptocurrency investment fund.

This Sounds very funny!!!!! This scam also claim that they are mathematicians, programmers and traders spread across six(6) countries, managing remotely a cryptocurrency portfolio worth several tens of millions of dollars. That sounds very interesting.

But unfortunately they failed to mention any of these six(6) locations. They did not also mention any of the self acclaimed experts.If there are really 20 people that are experts, they should be proud to mention their names . Unfortunately they did not mention any names, which is very suspicious.
NOTE: You can choose this recommended broker instead of loosing your hard earned money to scam.

Banc de crypto

Other Noteworthy Claims by Banc de Crypto Scam Website

There is a section that mentions that there have allegedly been more than 10 million trades conducted on the Banc de Crypto platform and that eight out of every ten trades are profitable.Also , every day, more than 20 new people take advantage of this opportunity. There is absolutely no proof available that can aid one in verifying if this information is true. Anybody can make up this type of information. This is why you should always be careful to avoid loosing your money to scammers.
On the bottom of Banc De Crypto landing page, there is a list of partners. They includes BitMex,
LiveCoin, Kraken, Poloniex, Coindesk, Bitfinex, GDAX, and The Cointelegraph. Again, there is no link available to verify this information. It is very common for scams to utilize this type of content on their websites. This is to provide you with peace of mind that the platform that they are promoting is one that you can trust. Fortunately,unlike before, it no longer works that way. It is a relief that people are not falling into cheap tricks such as this one. And it makes us happy because our reviews are helpful to traders. We are not saying that this information on Banc de Crypto scam site is false. But they could not provide proof that it is true.

BANC DE CRYPTO REVIEW: A genuine cryptocurrency broker or a scam?

Banc de crypto has the worst support services. Yes we can categorically say that because there is no way you can reach out to them except by dropping a mail . If there is actually nothing that these people behind this scam are hiding, then their should be a phone number and social media handles through which they can be reached. But there are none.
Infact, in the process of our investigation we had to even register but we did not receive any call from the scam. This is contrary to their claims when they promise to call within five minuites of registration.

Trading plartforms of banc de crypto.

Just know that there is obviously no trading platform provided by this scam.
Click here to see review of this legit broker
They only claim they generate money in three step strategy. These are:
-Manal trading using fundermental strategies.
-Algo trading
-Taking part in ICO
I mean, none of the stategies above makes any sense to anybody.They claim that money stats to flow once you sign up and make deposit. But there is no clear platform that generate the money.
Payment Modalities:
Banc de cypto says that they have 20 new clients each day, but there is no singular method of payment mentioned.
Maybe they have realised that scammers can be traced through some payment moderlities.
Note: if you have been scammed in the past, click here to get your money back.

How safe is your money if you end up investing?

Simple, your money is not safe at all. This is because there is no evidence of banc de cryto having any license. Also there is no regulation by any financial regulatory body on them. So they are only waiting for you to register and probably get a call from them. And at this point, you will be told how to pay your hard earned money which you will never see again.
You better stay far away from this disgusting scam.

Our humble advice:

You will definitely loose your money when you invest in banc de crypto. If you want to trade cryptocurrency, it is safe to register with this broker.

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  1. Victims of Funds/crypto and other digital assets such as NFTs kept increasing on daily basis. This is so disheartening and discouraging potential investors to partake in the ever-blooming world of digital currencies that have a lot of profits.


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