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Atlantistrade.biz: Big scam, stay away.

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Atlantistrade.biz is a domain that was registered on 31ist january, 2018. That is 89 days ago.
Although the name atlantistrade sounds more like a resturant where one can pick up pizza or ice cream. Yet these anonimous scammers still cLaim to be professional Forex traders.

Atlantistrade.biz review:

Well, we have carried out a detailed research about this so called atlantis trade limited and all we have seen are reasons to believe that it is a big scam.


They only believe that making unrealistic promises like over 100% profit in one day or 1000% profit after five(5) days is enough to pessuade traders to invest in their company.

But we believe they have failled because after reading this review, you shall be thanking us for helping you save your money from this atlantis trade scam.


The fact about atlantis trade.biz

Yes, the only truth whoever is incharge of this scam tells us is that the domain was registered by january 2018. But when we run this domain in who.is, we found out that it is not rgistered with anybody’s name.

Instead, they prefer to use panama registration which is common with ponzi schemes. On the landing page of this domain, we see that atlantis trade is a licensed and regulated company. And you ask yourself who licensed it and who regulates it? They no answer to the quastions. Tis is because they are neither licensed nor regulated by any regulatory body.

Trust us, they are telling you a big fat lie.
The only convicing power they believe is telling people how they can get very rich overnight by investing with them.
We have not seen people that made over 100% profit in first.

But we have seen people that progresses gradually and become very rich by trading Forex.
So when you come across these too good to be true promises by atlantistrade.biz, Stay very far away from them. Because that is one quality of scammers. Yes making unrealistic promises .
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Trading plartforms:

It gets worse here. This is because atlantistrade.biz fails to mention even a single trading plartform.
On their about us page, they claim to be a team of professional traders.

But these professionals remains anonymous. Their fake claims continues in their FAQ. This is where they say that these anonymous professionals have work experience in reputable financial institutions, for atlast seven years.

Still they did not mention the name of any of these firms.
If atlantistrade.biz can not mention the name of their professionals and the name of the financial firms where they gathered experience, then we can conclude that atlantis trade is an obvious scam looking for who to rob.
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How safe is your money?

In the process of our atlantistrade.biz review, we noticed that your money is not safe with atlantistrade.biz. They have no license as well as no regulation by FCA. Meanwhile, they are only telling you lies.The only security about this scam is their website security.
The domain hosting will expire in 5years, which is why they secure the website. This means they want to scam people for a long time.

Methods of deposit.

The only method they accept is cryptocurrency e.g bitcoins. This is because they know that cryptocurrency payments are not traceable. And payments through paypal, skrill,etc can be traced.
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Our humble advice

Finally we are done with atlantistrad.biz review. Do not invest in atlantistrade.biz because it is a huge scam.
You should invest your money with this trusted broker.

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