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Menchor.io: This is a big scam; period.

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We have norticed a lot of get rich quick websites are flooding the internet. These are ponzi schemes looking for whom to defraud.
Menchor.io is one of them. Only this time around, they have decided to come under the umbrella name HYIP which means High yield investment programme. And these are ponzi scheme which replicate itself. Like we said before menchor.io is one them.

Menchor.io review:

Menchor.io makes us to understand that their company bases in uk. An important question is, why is it that most of these HYIP websites base in uk? Simply because uk is lenient with regulation of these type of website.
They even have an address if any one want to locate them.But trust us, that address does not exist and even if it exist menchor.io cannot be found there.
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Who is really behind this menchor.io scam?

The people in charge of this are only sitting behind their computers in the comfort of their homes looking for whom to defraud.
When we run this domain in who.is, we found out that it was registered on 25th April, 2018 i.e just six (6) days ago.
We do not have any problem with the date of registration. But our serious concern is that there is no identity as to who is incharge of this scam called menchor.io.
The registration details have no email address, no phone number and not even the address which is on their home page is found again.
Also the scammer is trying to convince us that menchor.io is has experts managing it. If there is really any experienced expert, why not mention any of their names and the name of the firms they have worked for.
Why is everything about menchor.io anonymous? Why?
Simply because t is a huge scam and that is why you should not invest your money with them.
Check this scam which we have also reviewed.

How secure is you money?

Do not invest in menchor.io because your money is not secure. The only promise by this scam is to protect your data. But of what use is it to you that your data has protection and your money vanishes to thin air?
Menchor.io has no regulation from FCA and has no license. So when you invest your money it will definitely vanish. Also their only method of payment is crypto currency which is irreversible. So once you make that payment, your money is gone for good.

Menhor.io trading platforms;

There is none at all. They are only trying to convince us that it is automated. And experts control the system. But even automated plartforms like this one we recommend have a well explained trading platform.
This scam promises daily interest which ranges from 3.6% to 4.8%. So if you solve the mathematics, it is 108% to 144% in a month.

Look, that value is unrealistic. This is because involves taking a risk. And with this interest rate, their system has above 100% efficiency which is imposible.

Our kandid advice;

Stay away from this platform because menchor.io is a big scam.
But you can invest in this legit broker.

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