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Proincome.com; An Ignorant scam. Our unbiased review

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Proincome.com is just a scam. They emerged because of the current cryptocurrency boom. And their target is to rip you off your hard earned money. Proincom.com plan on doing this by making outrageous claims on their website. Don’t be deceived by those claims because they are not verifiable. Meanwhile, sit back and go through this detailed review. You will find out why you should not invest in proincome.com.


Proincome.com is a domain which came to be just a feew days ago. You can see for yourself that they are just mimicking other bitcoin scammers. This is when they make unrealistic promises all over their website. Moreover we tried everything possible to find who is behind this scam, but everything about them is anonymous. We like calling these types of people “faceless scammers”. Because in all honesty we have no idea who’s behind this dubious Pro Income mining system. They promise traders easy-profit solutions, but who are they?

If you step back for a moment, you’ll realize the entirety of this program contains no useful information. No Direct contact information except email. Nothing of which discloses any developers, founders or CEOs. They say Pro Income consists of cryptocurrency experts and investors. But that’s it.

They refuse to disclose th identity of these experts.

Why doesn’t Pro Income disclose their development team info so investors can feel comfortable knowing whom they’re dealing with? We’ve been seeing a lot of these scam ICOs appearing more often than ever. All we can say with certainty now is that pro income.com is a scam.

NOTE: You can start mining cryptocurrency in this registered and regulated company.


Pro Income Limited represents an ICO investment firm. So they require members to invest certain amount of money to gain a much higher amount in return. By law they must operate under the conditions of proper Licenses and Regulations.

These regulations are compulsory, some mandated to comply with policies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). Of course any Scam like ProIncome absconds from these guidelines.

In the course of this review, our team searched tooth and nail to verify any certificates confirming licenses in which they must lawfully hold.

We looked up in both the FCA and FTC data but Pro Income Limited has never been licensed. Therefore they are trading and investing for its customers ILLEGALLY.


As we briefly mentioned before, Pro Income makes some of the worst bold statements in regards to astronomical profits & returns. Imagine Pro Income delivering 160% in 3 hours on your initial investment? Or nearly 500% in 1 day?! It’s impressive, but highly unlikely.

From the image above, Now lets solve the % profit in months. In 25 working days, this scam promises between 12000% to 32000%. How possible is that? Absolutely impossible with proincome.com. So do not be deceived by these unrealistic promises.

If you are looking for where to mine crypto currency, read our review of this legit bitcoin company.


We can actually say answer yes. This true because there referal plan is just a ponzi scheme plan. There’s far more beyond phony claims and unlawful companies happening throughout Pro Income Scam. Like most fraudulent investments, their main goal is to accumulate as much money from registrations possible, then they get shut down, but run away with your funds.

Pro Income also contains an affiliated program where traders can refer other people to join. In return, you will receive a percentage from other people’s deposits. Their system is set up with different entry levels and down lines, which basically shares similar characteristics of the hated Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme.

Ultimately, Pro Income does NOT mine any bitcoins or other crypto currencies. Unlike this licensed company we recommend for you, proincome.com has proof of mining capabilities.  Instead these scam-artists from Pro Income make money & profit from your deposits & promoted services in the form of affiliations to gather more victims.

We do not trust these people, so if you invest and lose your money, do not blame it on us. But we are guaranteeing safety of your fund in this regulated company we recommend

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