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Secret millionaire club, a secret FRAUDSTERS

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Secret Millionaires Club is a professional scam. We will always advice our readers to be careful with the trend on the binary options market. Especially  these days with so many new trading systems on the internet like  Secret Millionaires Club trying on entice us with claims of huge profits for a minimal investment.
The Secret Millionaires Club 2016 is trying to entice traders with big promises. In the introductory video on their sales page, they claim that even those with no prior experience with binary options can earn millions of dollars. According to their sales video, this novice trader earned almost 1.5 million dollars in just six months of trading with the Secret Millionaire Club 2016 software.

Basic information about Secret millionaire club:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 85%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations
– Fully automated
– Variety of trading options
– No way to reach customer service
– Multiple negative online reviews and complaints
– False promises of 100% profits
– Unrealistic claims of earning millions of dollars in 6 months
However, based on our research and information  from many dissatisfied users, the reality looks very different. The truth behind this obviously fraudulent app is that it’s only purpose is to scam you out of your hard earned money. We are here doing a Secret Millionaires’ Club scam review to warn you of the very real danger posed by it. You need to keep reading right now because you don’t want to miss any of the crucial info that we have about this malicious piece of binary options trading software.

Who Runs Secret Millionaires’ Club Software And How?

Well, just like everything else about this pile of garbage, who is in charge of the Secret Millionaires’ Club app remains a total secret. This is perhaps one of the biggest red flags and most ominous warning signs that you could ever come across. There is no name provided, no company name, and no contact details either. A big part of BO trading is trust and transparency.
If an app like Secret Millionaires’ Club software is no transparent in terms of who is running the show, we cannot possibly trust it. The only reason for any trading app to be anonymous is so that the real crooks behind it all don’t get in legal troubles. The fact of the matter is that these guys are doing something highly illegal, which means that time behind bars is possible. Not telling us who is at the helm is an easy way of disguising themselves. Never ever trust an app where the creators and owners choose to hide in a shroud of anonymity.
No Licensing For The Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam
Closely related to our first point that that BO trading platform is anonymous is the issue of licensing and regulation. Providing people with binary options trading signals is considered to be a form of financial advisement. Well, you need a license and regulation to be eligible to legally engage in this type of activity. So, an anonymous app with no clear name of a person or company in charge cannot possibly be licensed or regulated in any way, shape, or form. It just is not possible. In other words, the Secret Millionaires’ Club trading app is neither regulated nor licensed. It is literally not allowed to do what it claims to be able to do for you. This is an crucial issue that we simply cannot ignore at all.
Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam Software – The Broker Problem
Also associated with this problem of anonymity is that of having a reliable broker in your corner. Once again, you need a name and all of that relevant info to be eligible to sign up with a real broker. If you do not have a licensed BO service there is no chance in hell of gaining access to a real broker. Obviously this is a monumental issue here. The Secret Millionaires’ Club app cannot possibly be connected to a legit broker seeing as we have no idea who is in charge. Yes, this system is connected to a broker, but it is a shady criminal broker with the sole purpose of draining your trading account. The brokers here are totally unlicensed and unregistered. This means that they are in place to rip you off, plus they aren’t even legally allowed to be brokers anyway. Another big issue here is that once your money disappears, due to being so secretive, you will never get that money back again.
Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam App – $1.4 Million In 6 Months?
Something else which clearly indicates that a scam is afoot here is the promise of being able to turn us into multi-millionaires in just one year. No matter what these crooks claim, this rubbish heap of a BO service will never generate a single dollar for you, let alone $1.4 million in 6 months. The Secret Millionaires’ Club does not really work at all, so how do you expect it to do this? Even the very best BO trading systems in the world cannot muster those figures. For instance, the current best system in the world can generate around $1,250 per day, which is not bad, but it’s also nowhere near what these scammers claim to make. The bottom line is that when you do the math, things just don’t add up. Trust us when we say that not BO app in the world can do what the Secret Millionaires’ Club app claims.
Secret Millionaires’ Club Software & More Filthy Lies
There are also some really cheap and down low marketing tricks used here to try and peddle the Secret Millionaires’ Club app in your direction. We are told that there are only a limited amount of spots available before we have to pay some ridiculous price to sign up with this system. However, this is clearly nothing more than a pressure tactic to get us to sign up before we really consider the consequences. We know that this is a trick because the counter which keeps track of the number of spots left resets when you refresh the website. It just is not true at all.

Secret Millionaires’ Club Review – Conclusions

You really cannot trust this ludicrous trading program. Absolutely every single last thing about the Secret Millionaires’ Club app is a lie. It cannot generate any money for you at all, but it will certainly steal everything it can get its little digital fingers on!
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