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cwmfx.com is a scam, see the ex-convict news

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CWMFX REVIEW : You must have heard of this forex broker with the name cwmfx? We are not surprised because they were popular through fraud and rape. We are here only to call a spade a spade, and not to give up to 30 minutes of our time because they don’t Worth it rather because of you we will reveal their secrets today. please if you have not submitted your details to cwmfx then thank your God, avoid doing that’. But if you have done so and there’s a financial story of any type, please contact mychargback now

CWMfx Review And Data

CWM FX is a Forex trading firm that is located with its office in Heron Tower in London, England. CWM FX ponzi scam was once terminated after a police ride on March 3, 2015. The authorities have suspected the firm in a range of financial crimes, including fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.

CWMfx Ex-convict

Anthony Constantinou, the CEO of CWM FX, faced a series of litigations on a basis of financial misconduct. Officials suspected him in fraud and money laundering activities before. Following a police raid of CWM FX in 2015, Constantinou was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault. After juridical procedures, officials committed him to jail sentence which he is currently serving.








There’s a lot of bogus claim, so don’t be confused with forgery, which is an illegitimate copy of a genuine forex brokers like CWM executives. As one tabloid reported, “The men at the top of CWM FX have been living it up this year – meeting Royalty, mingling with world champion boxers, and enjoying top-of-the-table Premier League clashes from the comfort of an executive box at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC.” Marketing types revel in dreams of such glitzy events and exposure, but regulators are not so keen on such hype. This type of behavior smacks of a Ponzi scheme in motion with investor monies funding lavish lifestyles.


Please even if you have been playing lotto with your $, CWM is a wrong choice for you. CWMfx is not the first forex company to market through a relationship with a prominent football club. Manchester City, Liverpool, and Manchester United have put forex logos on their game jerseys, as well. The marketing rub off of exposure to rabid sports fans must garner more than the average response to currency trading. The gambling nature of sports enthusiasts may be the motivating factor, but, for forex brokers, the search for new customers is a never-ending task. Casualty rates tend to be high, nearly 70% by some accounts, forcing brokers to get aggressive in their various marketing campaigns and promotions. Sports sponsorships must be working.


Finally, we will conclude our CWMFX REVIEW by recommending good place to trade for you.recommending good place to trade for you. We advice that you don’t invest your money with this scam because the newly discovered scheme appears to have been orchestrated along similar lines and the upright nature of Britain’s authorities should be commended for rooting out this individual and his accomplices and ensuring that he is behind bars, where he is unable to damage the high quality reputation of London’s retail electronic trading sector. Please report company like this. Trade with fxpro now

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