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Forexrobottrader.com; Their Forex robots suck!!!

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Forex robots are supposed to be beneficial to Forex traders, and not kill them. Meanwhile, some Forex robots are useful. But at the same time,a good number of Forex robots are scams. Therefore this review aims at exposing the forex robots where you should never invest your money. These scam Forex robots are actually sold by a company that goes by the name Forexrobottraders.com Like we always advise, Forex is affected by a multitude of market situations. These are, natural disasters, man made crisis like war, country economic policy etc. Therefore there is no way a robot can always follow up with these changes in market situation. But you can invest and manage your account with this regulated company. This will make you more profit than any of these fake robots that Forexrobottrader.com offer you.

Read our review of this licensed and regulated broker

Forexrobottrader.com and their scam Forex robots.

We constantly warn traders against the use of robots in trading Forex.

This is because a lot of scam Forex robots are circulating everywhere. This website Forexrobottrader.com was founded on 06/06/2007. In other words, one can confidently buy Forex trading robots from them. Unfortunately, the Forex Robots they sell are fake. Meanwhile,  Mr. Don Steinitz is the one that present these scams to us. He believes that every Forex robots makes so much profit.  But we are sure that is a big fat lie.

According to this website, these robots cost from $49 to $129.  And these robots are going to make you profits ranging fom $27000 to $170000.

Obviously, these exaggeration in profit shows that the robots are scam

Do you really think that a robot that will make you between $27000 to $170000 will cost only $49. Of course it’s not possible. Rather, Forexrobottrader.com makes you these offers just to lure into purchasing the fake robots. They know that once you buy the robots, you will never see your money again.

A list of the scam robots

Odin Forex robot

Vader Forex robot

Reaper Forex robot

Ganon Forex robot

Falcor Forex robot

Pterodactyl Forex robot

Hedge Forex robot

Volatility Forex robot

HASMTF Forex robot

Waverunner Forex robot

Fractal breakout robot

Directional Forex robot.


Forexrobottrader.com is ilegal and anonymous

Apart from the name Don Steinitz, there is no other thing that this scammer told us. There is even no evidence that this company has the license to sell these robots.  Meanwhile, we have searched the database of most financial regulatory bodies. Yet Forexrobottrader.com does not appear in any.

NOTE:  You can try this free demo account with this regulated company.

Our Final Verdict

Forex robots are not the best for you in Forex trading. The best thing for you is to master yradtra by yourself. This will make you more profit and less loss. Therefore, open a free demo account now with a licensed broker.








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