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Blusignals ; a glaring scam!!!

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Blusignals is a huge scam. This is one of the scammers that operate by mimicking legit company. Blusignals is not the same thing with bluesignal. Therefore don’t fall for their cheap trick. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy this classified review of blusignals. Moreover, don’t forget to thank us later.


Blusignals Review

The website of this company is blusignalsystem.com. This blusignals scam relly on deceiving clients by telling them lies. On the home page of this website; This company claim to have been in existence since 1999. That is approximately 19years ago. But when we looked it up in who.is, we found that the domain registration was on 1st September, 2016. Therefore the experience they claim to have is a fat lie.
Then you ask yourself; Is it advisable to invest in a company that tells you lies. Of course the answer is no. Meanwhile the primary purpose of this review is to encourage you to stay away from the blusignals.

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Blusignals trading plartforms

This scam claims to have three trading plartforms.
These plartforms include:

BluFractalinvestment system

BluNeural investment system

BluQuant investment system

We believe that these investment systems exist in the world of Forex. But we know that they don’t make use of any of them. Therefore in the real sense, they only mentioned them to deceive you. Moreover, this scam could not provide any evidence that any of these plartforms has been used by any of their clients.

Blusignals fake testimonials

Very importantly, this company has been parading fake testimonials on their website. These stuffs are obviously fake testimonials. Therefore, don’t be deceived into believing that anyone is making money from this system. They are just ways of trying to reap you off your money.
Infact, nobody has been using to this plartform. When you click their FAQ link,it brings no results.
Yet they are parading fake testimonials.


Blusignals security

Just know that both your funds and data will vanish once you invest in this company. They are not licensed to offer financial services. Moreover they are not even regulated by any financial regulatory authority.


You don’t have to waste your time trying out this scam. It’s an obvious scam. But you can start Forex or binary option trading by clicking here.

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