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Inexxclubexchange.com Review; Recent scam

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Inexxclubexchange.com is not a legit company. We can proudly say that. Especially after our extensive research about inexxclubexchange.com. This company has no proof to be legit. Infact,we can conclude that inexxclubexchange.com is just a company that focuses on defrauding cryptocurrency traders. Therefore we have taken out time to write this elaborate review. This is to ensure that you don’t loose your money to this cheap scam.

Meanwhile, we advice you to finish reading this inexxclubexchange.com review; before loosing your money.

Inexxclubexchange.com Review

We wish to continue this review by letting you know that there are many false reviews about inexxclubexchange.com. We really don’t know why. But we assume that reviewers are paid to do so. Infact, some even claim that the company has been in existence since 17 years ago. But this is a blatant lie. We looked up inexxclubexchange.com in who.is. The findings shows that the domain was registered on 13th February, 2018. Although this company accept the fact that it’s establishment is in 2018. We still don’t regard it as a legit company. But We shall get to that shortly as we answer some questions.

Who owns inexxclubexchange.com?

This is an important question that this company did not answer. Although some cryptocurrency trading companies claim anonymity for security purposes. But also, majority of online scammers apply this method in their dubious activities. Therefore in line with our findings, we still believe that inexxclubexchange.com
is a huge scam.

HashFlareMeanwhile they mentioned one Renzo Teles to be the CEO. They even went ahead to share a YouTube link. We followed the link to watch their YouTube video. Unfortunately no one in the video claimed the identity of Renzo Teles. They were just busy showing people that are walking up and down. And we have every reason to believe that these individuals are paid to make the movie.

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How does inexxclubexchange.com work?

This company is a huge scam. Therefore don’t expect any meaningful response. First there is no trace of any trades or mining by this company. Secondly, these people don’t own any Data center. Therefore it is not possible that they engage in any cryptocurrency mining.
To even make it worse, they also dropped a YouTube link on how inexxclubexchange.com works. Unfortunately when one clicks the link, there is no video at all. Talk more of verifying if it is real. All these are pointers that this is a scam.
This company is only able to show different packages through which they defraud cryptocurrency traders. Don’t be deceived because this is a scam.

How safe is your money in inexxclubexchange.com?

Your money is not safe at all. Don’t invest in this company because you will surely loose your money. There is no evidence that this company has any security. They are not licensed to carry out any financial transaction. Moreover, once you loose your money, you will never get it back. This is because there is identification of these scammers. And they have no regulation.
We even tried to register with them just to be sure they are real. But it was to no avail.

Our final verdict on inexxclubexchange.com

This company is a scam. Don’t invest in it. You can trade or mine cryptocurrency in this legit company.

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