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Miningsky.io; Unadulterated Review.

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Miningsky.io is another cryptocurrency scam and you need to stay very far from it.
So we have taken our time to write this Miningsky.io Review. By the time you finish reading this miningsky Review, you will have reasons to thank us later. You can also have the opportunity to compare this scam to this legit mining company.
Like we all know, the internet is full of fraudulent activities. Their trick is to make unrealistic promises just to get at victims. But thanks to us because we shall leave no stone unturned in exposing these scammers. Therefore, since miningsky has joined the group of scammers; We shall do the needful by exposing their lies.

Miningsky.io Review

Considering the aesthetics of this website, one can believe that it’s a legit company. But what matters in cryptocurrency is transparency. Unfortunately this company lacks this transparency.
First, there are two websites bearing almost the same name. They are miningsky.io and miningsky.com. This is the first give away that either one or both of them are scam. To find out if they have anything in common, we communicated miningsky.com. They denied having any relationship with miningsky.io. We also reached out to monogamy.io Who claim to be a subsidiary of miningsky.com.
Also our who.is findings shows that miningsky.io was registered on 12th December 2018.
But on their website, they claim to have been in existence since 2016. As if this lie is not enough; These scammers claim to have over 400,000 clients mining in their company.
Like we mentioned earlier, they lack transparency. We totally abhor such and we encourage you not to invest in this company. Instead, start mining cryptocurrency in this transparent and regulated company.

What you may like about miningsky.

The website has a professional look. This seemingly boosts their credibility. Therefore you are more likely to trust it than other cheep cryptocurrency scams.
Secondly, they appear to have good ROI.
And of course the website is quite detailed in its presentation. They also have a complete FAQ page and other links that miners may find useful.

What we hate about it.

First,we are not aware of any site that can double your capital in 1year through mining. This is more of deception than reality. Also they lie by claiming to have been in existence since 2016.
We can tell you without equivocation that this miningsky was founded just barely 2 months ago.
This type of lie shows that they don’t deserve your investment.
They also claim to have data centers across the globe. Of course this is not impossible. But according to our miningsky.io review, there is no evidence to support such claims. Finally, they also claim to have over 400000 clients. But unfortunately after our extensive research, there is no testimonial from any of the self acclaimed clients.
The question is, do you really think you can make profit by investing your money here? The answer is no. Don’t waste your hard earned money here please.

How does it work?

According to our miningsky review, there plartform offer 2% of the world’s BTC hashrate.
Currently you can only mine BTC and ETHERIUM from this site. And allegedly, there are two mining plans. These plans show details like hash rate, type of miner being used, payout and duration of contract. The duration of contract for both plartforms is two years. This sounds great because this days; It’s difficult to find lifetime mining contract. Although they have affordable starting price, the profit they promise is unrealistic. Example, if you invest $5000, they promise $26 per day. This ROI is equivalent to $9,490 per year. These figures are obviously outrageous.

Our humble advice

The purpose of this miningsky review is to save you from this type of scam. We advice you not to invest your money here. If you really want to mine cryptocurrency, you should invest in a company that has license.

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