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Alertoption.com Review; is this a Scam or legit?-binaryoptionslord

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Alertoption.com Review: Alertoption is allegedly a company that promise to make you some extra cash. This company promise to do so through either Forex trading, Binary option or Cryptocurrency trading. In other words, they want you to invest your money in alertoption so they can make you some extra cash. Alertoption claim to use their unique trading plartforms to make you these extra money. Meanwhile, according to their claims; There are over 50+ available options to trade.

Moreover, this company has 4 available trading plartforms. These are Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Meanwhile, all these plartforms promise ROI of (150-200)%. Except for Gold plartform which guarantee 3% hourly profit for 100 times.

We are sure that this promises are fake, and sound like Ponzi scheme. But we shall get to it shortly. Meanwhile, if you really want to invest in Forex, Binary option or Cryptocurrency. Do it in a registered and regulated company.
In addition to the above promises; Alert option also promise a referral bonus of 5%. So you may think you can even make more money in this company
But we are going to shock you with our findings.


Alertoption.com Review.

This company is a huge Scam. Don’t be deceived by the the aesthetics of the website.
First, this company claim to be an authority in Forex, Binary option and Cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, there is no evidence of trading going on on the site.

They claim to have 427 users. And a total deposit of 59539 with a total withdrawal of 76738. But these are all false claims. Before this our Alertoption Review, we have been studying this website very closely. Those figures above never changes. Therefore, new people have not been joining the system. This shows that it doesn’t work. Infact, we don’t even believe that they trade any option. We believe that this people just Scam people through this website. And we don’t want you to be a victim. But that is if you take our advice. Don’t invest your money in alertoption, else you will loose all of it. Meanwhile, they were not coherent in writing these figures.if you sum up the amount invested by their top investors, it’s more than what they claim to have as their total deposit. Therefore it’s obvious that they just made up the figures.

How does Alertoption work?

They didn’t say how it works. Alertoption only provided the different plartforms they offer. And also the possible return on investment. But there is no clear trading strategies to achieve this target.
Moreover their minimum deposit of 500 USD is high. They don’t have a demo account that can enable you test their plartform if any. They only suggest that you sign up and deposit Money. Then you can use your hard earned money to test the plartform. This is an indication that who ever is behind this alertoption is only interested in your money. They have nothing to offer you. They just want to Scam you. Therefore we suggest that you invest only in legit Binary option trading company.

Alertoption.com Review on safety of your money.

This company claim to be regulated by FCA. Unfortunately, we are well informed that on 2nd July 2018, European securities and market authority (ESMA).
banned the sell of binary options. Yet this Scam claim to have the FCA license. We can assure you that none of these people they claim to have their license actually regulate alertoption.
If not, they should show a copy of the license on the website. Anyone can write any number as their license number. And that is exactly what this Scam has done.

NOTE: You can also read our review of this scam.

Moreover, in the course of this Alertoption.com Review. We digged very deep to find out who’s behind the Scam. Unfortunately, we discovered that the identity is anonymous. According to who.is their registration is PANAMA. Which means undisclosed identity. Although some companies don’t disclose their identity to avoid Spam. But we don’t believe that is the intention of Alert option. This is because on the website home page, they already display one Deepali Gandhikolkata as their CEO. This suggest that they have nothing to hide. But unfortunately we researched the name but nothing relating to alertoption was found. We believe it is a fake name with a fake picture.


Alertoption.com Review on identity.

We don’t trust alertoption, therefore we don’t recommend it for anyone. There is no way one can identify these people.
There head office is in New York City, USA. And their address is 542W.27th Street,4th floor, New York,USA. NY10001.
This location exist on Google maps but of course there is no such office belonging to alertoption. According to Alexa, this website has no ranking yet. It’s just 280days old. And it will expire after 365 days. This simply shows that it has not come to stay.

Our humble advice.

Through this Alertoption.com Review, we hope to help you stay away from this scam. And at the same time suggest trusted companies where you can invest your money and make profit.
Therefore, don’t invest your money in alertoption, instead invest in this legit company.

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  1. Goodnight. My name is Ezequias, spu from Brazil and I was the victim of a scam on this site that supposedly seemed trustworthy.


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