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Vipstrade.com Review -Read before this you regret.

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Vipstrade.com Review: This company is allegedly a Cryptocurrency mining firm. It claims to have been in existence since 2016. Although that is a big lie. But we can confidently say that who ever is behind this Scam is a bit smart. But unfortunately for him, we have used our experience in this nich to open their secrets. Therefore,we encourage you to complete this review and find out why we don’t recommend this company. Meanwhile, if you really want invest in Cryptocurrency, we suggest you do it in a company with good reputation.

Vipstrade.com Review.

Vipstrade.com Review

Like we earlier mentioned, this company is a smart Scam. First they claim to be in existence since 2016. That is about three years before this review. But we can categorically tell you that the people behind this operation just purchased a domain that has been in existence. But the company itself is just started recently. .
Vipstrade claim to have about 86190 clients. This is very possible if they really started in 2016. But we are sure that they didn’t. Meanwhile, we tried opening their FAQs and found nothing. Does that mean that non of these clients they claim to have ever has a question. This simply mean that this is a fake figure and this company should not be trusted. How can a company that needs you to invest your money with them generate fake figures. It shows lack of transparency.

Moreover, this Scam also claim to have processed 45424 trades. Unfortunately there is no evidence of trading going on here. They are only fabricating these stories to win your trust. But you shouldn’t fall for such cheap trick. We suggest that you invest in this legit company that can help you make profit.
Meanwhile, this company only claim to mine Cryptocurrency. They didn’t mention the available Cryptocurrency to mine. This shows how naive they are in Cryptocurrency mining.

Fake identification

In the course of this Vipstrade.com Review, we found out that this company is using fake identity. On the landing page of the website, they display the following persons and their respective positions.
Soumei Fujimura is the CEO of the company. This is a fake name with obvious fake picture. They didn’t mention any other thing about the man. No previous experience and no achievement in the past. Even the social media handles on the picture are not link to any place.
The others are Matt Ritchie and Jin Hein who are chief trader and co trader respectively. This is funny because this company has no evidence of trading going here. And they are just displaying these fake pictures with fake names. There is no other information about this team except the picture and name. This show complete lack of transparency.

NOTE: You can also avoid this Forex scam by reading this review.

Vipstrade.com Review on investment plans.

There are four investment plans available in this company. They include Starter, Basic, Agency and Enterprise. There minimum deposit include $1000, $5000, $25000, $100000 respectively. Although they have ROIs of 1.0-1.45, which is looking realistic. Unfortunately they claim that their contract last 1year. This length of time is no longer available. And most people that offer it are Scam. In addition there minimum deposits are too big. It is far above the industry standard.


Moreover, they claim to mine Cryptocurrency using hardware(GPU) But unfortunately they failed to disclose the location of their mining
Ridges. Meanwhile we don’t even believe that they have any. And that
is exactly the reason they didn’t mention it. Therefore we don’t see
how they can generate these ROIs they promise.
Moreover, this company also claim to
have about 9 awards. Yet they could not mention when the awards were given and why they deserve it. We are sure that these are fake self appraisal. And also shows lack of transparency.

Our humble advice:

This vipstrade.com Review is to help you make an informed decision. This company has every features of a Scam. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency mining, do in this company with good reputation.

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4 thoughts on “Vipstrade.com Review -Read before this you regret.”

  1. VipsTrade is not what you say they are, perhaps you have all this negative comments as a way of competing with the company.
    I have used this escrow service and it is fast secured and trusted.
    I also have a running investment and my ROI have never delayed.
    Check your review


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