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Changehigh review; Do they really change anything?

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Changehigh reviewChangehigh Review: The internet is constantly changing on daily basis. Scammers are putting up better strategies. And we keep doing our best to help you avoid Scam. This time, they make promises that are too good to be true. Just to succeed in their Scam activities. In this Changehigh Review, we shall expose the weakness of the company. And we believe that the review will help you make a decision.

Changehigh Review.

This company allegedly claim to be the best Cryptocurrency changing Company around. Changehigh was registered just 7 months ago. And today, they claim to be the best Cryptocurrency exchange company in the world. Although being a new company doesn’t disprove their claims.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest challenge in this company is anonymity. There is no information concerning the ownership of the company. Moreover, the registration name has who.is protection. In addition they did not disclose any other information concerning the ownership of the company. This includes their contact and location. While some people use this method to avoid Spam; Scammers use it as an advantage to prevent public notice.
We don’t recommend anonymous companies for people. Especially when it’s very new and has poor trust score.

Moreover, changehigh promise to change your Bitcoin at a price higher than normal market value. How they make the extra money you receive is not clear. Like we always advice, don’t think that you can make money in Cryptocurrency in platter of gold. Any one making such promise is probably a Scam.

According to changehigh.com, any new user receives free $100. And they also offer a referral bonus of $1. In addition, you are also entitled to a special offer of 20%. Meanwhile, all these promises are just too good to be true. If you really want to invest in Cryptocurrency, do it in a company that has reputation.

Safety of your money in changehigh.

In this changehigh review, we can assure you that your money is at a significant risk. Throughout the entire website, they only mentioned in passing that your money is safe. A company that operates with this level of anonymity should at least convince you that your money is safe. We don’t know the people behind this operation. Yet they are not regulated by any agency in the world. Moreover, the transaction is in Cryptocurrency. And this method of payment is not trackable. Therefore investing in such company requires some level of trust. But this company does not guarantee any trust.
Moreover they don’t even have about us page. This simply shows that they don’t even have plans of disclosing their identity.

Changehigh review on customer support.

The only means of getting support from this company is through email. There is no live chat. And no phone number to contact them. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, there is no faster method of getting support. Also your PayPal account is at significant risk of being short down. They make multiple suspicious transfer using the account. And obviously, PayPal is not the preferred method of payment for Cryptocurrency transaction.

Our Humble advice.

It is unsafe to invest your money in changehigh. The identity of people running this operation is unknown. In addition, they don’t have license to offer any financial services. And their customer support is very poor. All these too good to be true promises are just to attract you and Scam you big. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency; Do it in any of these carefully selected companies with good reputation.

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