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Livecryptoforex.com review; Air your view!!!

Livecryptoforex.com review; Air your view!!!

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Livecryptoforex.com review: Livecryptoforex is a new broker that allegedly claim to offer 100% bonus on deposits; With a negative balance protection. Although this broker is new, yet they already have 369k active accounts. Meanwhile, this article is not in any way promoting the website. Rather we want to analyze it to enable you make the right choice.
Livecryptoforex offers different investment plans with attractive ROI. The plans are Starter that requires a minimum deposit of $1000, with ROI of 150% and 10% referral bonus. They also have Gold, Silver and Platinum plans. These plans require minimum deposits of $3000, $5000, and $5000 respectively. The Gold, Silver and Platinum plans have ROI of 250%,350% and 450% respectively. In addition, there respective referral bonuses are 15%, 20% and 25%.

Moreover, they currently operate in 127 different foreign countries. And they carry out $247k transaction daily. Livecryptoforex promise to offer the most reliable methods of payment. These methods are Visa card, MasterCard, bank transfer and Cryptocurrency.
They also claim to provide excellent customer support. Therefore they believe that their service is good enough to change your life. But we don’t think so.
Meanwhile if you really want to trade Cryptocurrency; This list of licensed Bitcoin brokers is your best choice.

Livecryptoforex.com Review. *

We wish to continue this review by telling you to avoid this company. It’s obviously a scam.
First this broker claim to have been in existence for 17years. But our who.is findings shows that the domain was registered on 11th January, 2019. Which is just about 6 months ago. Meanwhile, like we always emphasize, don’t invest your money in a broker that lacks transparency. There is no evidence of transaction going on in this company.

Moreover, they claim to have 369k active accounts and daily transaction of 247k. If the number of accounts are more than the transaction; It simply shows that this company is not profitable. And, if you check their about us page; They have different information from what is on the home page. For instance, they claim to have 1726 active accounts with daily transaction of 165k. This lack of consistency in information shows that all these are fabricated values.

Also, their minimum deposits are far above normal industry standard. They only place it at that level to scam you big.

HashFlareIn addition, Livecryptoforex don’t have good customer support. They only operate from 8am to 5pm. In other words, if you need any assistance outside this time frame, you will not get it. Their only method of communication is through email and live chat.
Also, this Scam claim that their CEO is one MARC SMITH. This is a fake name. There is no such name as MARC SMITH relating to Livecryptoforex. Don’t believe this else you will end up loosing your money.
This website has a very poor Alexa ranking. This is evident that it is not popular. Therefore, it’s not possible that it has such number of active accounts in just 6 months.
In addition, the broker claims to operate from UK. Yet there is no evidence to support the claim. They are not licensed and not regulated by FCA.

Unrealistic promises by Livecryptoforex. *

This broker relies on making unrealistic promises to lure customer to invest. But such slippery and fake broker don’t deserve your trust. Moreover, like we mentioned earlier, they lack transparency. But if you want to invest in Cryptocurrency; Do it in a licensed company with good reputation.
Looking at all their plans and anticipated ROI, you will believe that those are not realistic. There are no clear plans to generate profit. Yet they promise return on investment of 150%, 250%, 350% and 450%. Moreover there is no evidence of transaction going on in this website. All they want is to Scam you and disappear for good. Remember, this domain will expire by 11th January, 2020. That is in 6 months time.

Livecryptoforex.com Review pros and cons. *



. It’s not regulated.
. It’s a new company.
. Lacks transparency.
.No evidence of transaction.
. Hidden identity.

.No demo account

. Outrageous minimum deposits.

Our humble advice. *

Don’t invest your money in this livecryptoforex.com. You will end up loosing it.
If you really want to make profit trading Forex. Choose from these carefully selected brokers with good reputation.


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