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Olympbot.com review ; We don’t recommend it. Why?

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Olympbot.com Review: This is a Forex trading robot that claim to work on olymp trade. The developers of this bot alleges a constant win rate of 72%. Although they promise that the bot is free. But we are sure that this fake promise is just to get your attention. Meanwhile, Olympbot alleges to have a total of 1416 active users with an average deposit of $230. Moreover, Olympbot installation is easy and it’s use is also straightforward.

Olympbot.com Review

The developers of this bot claim that it makes use of martingale system, which makes huge profit within a short time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about selecting trading pairs. Since Olympbot will do that for you. Meanwhile, this bot can only work on olymptrade account which you  creat through olympbot.com. In other words, this people are more like affiliate marketers of olymptrade.
Which means they will do anything possible to convince you to invest. But correctly, we can only say that their marketing power is poor. This is because they are not giving us a handful of information about the robot.

At this point, we wish to remind you that we are not advocating Forex trading by robot. Meanwhile, the market situation is constantly changing and requires urgent and critical decisions. Moreover, if you want to trade Forex through an EA, then read our review of this best Asian forex EA.

But those in UK, click here to join this EA with outstanding reputation.

Olympbot.com Review:

Although these people claim that this robot is the best so far, we really don’t believe it. Allegedly, there are 1416 active users. But throughout the internet we can’t find any testimony about the robot. If this robot make average win of 72%, then these active users would have been testifying about it. Moreover, there are no evidence of transaction going on in this website. Yet these developers claim to have average deposit of $230.
Meanwhile as we pointed out earlier, this robot works like martingale system, which aims at making quick profit.
Obviously, martingale system resembles gambling. In which case,the chances of loosing is high. In addition this martingale system even doubles the risk taken in trying to make up for the losses incurred. And increasing the risk taken all increases the chance of loosing.


olympbot.com review

Also, this developers promise to offer 24/7 customer support. But earlier in this Olympbot.com review, we mentioned that they are affiliate marketers. Therefore, their greatest concern is attracting clients to olymptrade and getting their marketing commission. Once they achieve this goal, they will not burder about clients support. That’s why they pointed out that the only way this robot can work is if you register with olymptrade through their affiliate link.

In addition, this developers market this robot as a free robot. But they require you to pay a compulsory deposit of $100 to get the robot activated. They promise that the robot will increase the deposit. And the reason for the deposit is for the double bonus given within an hour, after registration. Therefore, this issue of compulsory deposit makes it even clearer that their greatest concern is the affiliate commission.

More Findings on the robot.

We have investigated the creators of this robot and realized that they are called Binary Bots Development, located in St.Petersburg, Russia. If you want to reach them, you can do so onsupport@olympbot.com.
Moreover, just like there is insufficient information about their robot; This is all we can say about the developers.


Olympbot review

Meanwhile one of our greatest warry which we like to point out in this Olympbot.com review that you are not allowed to test the robot without pay. This is a big challenge because if you don’t like the robot, you can never reclaim your money. Although there is a demo version of the bot which you can use in a demo account. Yet we still believe that it should have been better to provide a period of free trial. Even if it just for 7 days. That way people can decide whether to continue with the bot or not.

Is olympbot legit

The question is olympbot legit is a nice one, because to know the truth is better than investing in scam. The company is not legit,  they non reliable trading software. However looking at the customer support you don’t need to ask is olympbot legit. This because those that have deposited will find difficult to get responds.

olympbot.com review

Our conclusion

Finally we will conclude our olympbot.com review by throwing more light. The information about this bot is insufficient. These developers are just affiliate marketers; This is just a marketing strategy. Therefore, if you need a robot that can trade for you then binbotpro will do all the hard work for you.  All you need is to register and fund your account then connect it to a broker. START TRADING WITH BINBOT PRO NOW 

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