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Shamayal.com review ; is shamayal.com a Scam?

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Shamayal.com review: This is a team of jack of all trades and master none. We don’t want to believe that what this team is marketing can be profitable. They claim to offer multiple services. Although they emphasize fund management. Therefore they claim to be robotic fund management team. In addition they also claim to offer several other services. Meanwhile, this is allegedly a team of professionals with over 3 years of experience.

Unfortunately, shamayal failed to disclose the identity of any of the professionals. Therefore, we don’t know how they expect investors to trust them. Moreover, Forex and binary options trading is currently the commonest way of online Scam. Therefore it requires absolute transparency and trust. But these qualities are what we can’t find in shamayal.com. Meanwhile, if you really want to make profit in Forex using EA, then go ahead and sign up with this profitable EA with good reputation.

Shamayal.com review.

This website was created on 16th of June, 2016. The registration information is on the image below. Shamayal.com review Although this date is close to the information on the shamayal home page; But the location varies. And, this is a pointer to lack of transparency. Also there is a myfxbook account on this website. According to the trading history, the owner of this account started using it since 2015. Therefor, there is a significant incoherence in timing. Which doesn’t speak good of this company. Above all, the trader lost 60% of the trades. This is a very bad result. And we don’t encourage anyone to invest in this company.

Meanwhile, this team works in tandem with a broker called Finprotrading. That means if you want to utilize their fund management service, you will have to open an account with that broker and choose “shamayal.com” as your fund manager, map their account, view live trading performance and expect 7-12% returns every month. We are hoping that these claims can be verified because if this is not the case. Then this can be such an unfortunate thing. We do not expect Shamayal to advertise their services in this manner. Meanwhile, they are not providing any evidence of performance to support their multiple claims.

Further information on Shamayal.

The website claims that their location is at Millington Rd, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 4AZ, United Kingdom. There is a high chance that their location is in the UK. But honestly, we cannot believe that the specific address which they are showing here represents their actual location. Moreover, this totally contradict the registration address of the website, which is in Canada. Ignoring this Shamayal.com review will definitely cause you more harm than good. There are a lot of fake EAs out on the internet. But read our review of this one we recommend and register with them.

Donot invest your money in any broker without reputation. Shamayal is more like an affiliate marketing company. That’swhy they want you to register with coinnex using the link they provide. They want to get their commission, which is not a problem. But our greatest worry is that they didn’t disclose their identity. And also they didn’t clearly s how this they generate profit. You can’t trust anyone that merely claim to be a fund manager. Especially when there is no evidence of trading experience.


Our conclusion on Shamayal.com review.

We do not recommend this team. This is because of the reasons given above. We suggest that you stay away from them. If you want a Forex EA, then register with this Forex EA which will certainly make you profit.

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