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Usaforexsignal review ; is usaforexsignal a scam

Usaforexsignal review ; is usaforexsignal a scam

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Usaforexsignal review ; Usaforexsignal is allegedly a Forex signal provider Who claims heaven and Earth without proof. This company claim to serve customers from over 400 different nation’s. Therefore, it’s normal for us to believe that they are quite popular. Although what we realized in the course of this review contradicts any such believe. Meanwhile, some of the currency pairs they claim to provide their signals include EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USF/JPY and GBP/USD.

USAforexsignal review

Moreover, there is no evidence of trading going on in the website. There are four trades on the landing page of the website. But unfortunately, all they show us is Entry point, Stop loss and Take profit. In addition, all the trades are closed. This information is extremely poor considering a company that wants to gain the trust of investors. We really don’t believe that this company exist anywhere. It just someone behind his computer trying to Scam you. If you want forex trading signals; We suggest that you go for a genuine Forex signal provider.

USAforexsignal review :

Accoding to who.is, this domain was registered on 25th of May, 2015. This simply means that this company should have at least 4 year experience in trading Forex. Unfortunately, we don’t think so. USAforexsignal did not reveal his identity to enable us verify their experience. Moreover, we expect every forex signal provider to list their names and location. This will help them win the trust of investors. It’s makes no sense for an investor to trust an anonymous company with no clear location. Especially now that the internet is full of Scam.

This company is not a a serious one. And they don’t expect us to take them serious. The website is full of broken English. This is quite unprofessional. From the name ”USAforexsignal” we expect that they should at least hire someone that can speak good English to design the website. Although the people behind this operation may not be from English speaking nation. But considering the name, it’s highly unprofessional and lack of seriousness to use bad English language to design the website. We advice you not to invest your money here because it will disappear for good.

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Moreover, this company claim to provide signal for hundreds of customers. Therefore it shows that they are popular. So one will expect feedback from these people using the signal. But unfortunately, there is no good review on the internet about the company. This show that they are lying to the public. In addition, they don’t have evidence of Forex trading going on in the website. If they are really trading Forex, they should show us their account with verifiable proof; Either in myfxbook or Fxblue. But they are not showing any such information.

Usaforexsignal review

The good thing about USAforexsignal.

The only good thing about this company is that they offer free Forex signals. Therefore, if you have time, you can try out their Free Forex signals. But we strongly advice you to invest your time in genuine Forex trading signals. In addition, they have numerous methods of payment. This is to ensure that you never give reason not to deposit your money. These Methods of payment are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card, Neteller, money Booker and others. They just claim that they provide 40-300 pips daily. This unbelievable since they don’t have any proof.

USAforexsignal review on package

There are 4 packages in total. The first plan costs $12 and runs for 3 days before the subscriber is required to make a payment or upgrade their plan. The second plan is known as Gold and it costs $47 per month. The third and fourth plans cost $120 and $168. Each of these plans expires in 3 months time. This means that subscribers who choose higher plans can have a longer duration of trading before they can ever be asked to pay for signals again. All of the plans offer similar features with the exception of the ultimate plan which makes use of Whatsapp and Telegram for dispatching signals. We believe that these two modes of signal delivery should be made available to all other plans as well. This is because they tend to be the quickest way to dispatch signals to subscribers.

USAforexsignal review on PROs and CONs.

1. Free Forex signals.
2. Multiple methods of payment.

1. Anonymous identity.
2. Lack of transparency
3. No proof of previous trades.
4. Unprofessional and unserious

Conclusion on USAforexsignal.com.

This company has a lot of flaws. From the broken English language they are using to many more. They don’t even have proof of any transaction. And there’s no evidence that this people are regulated. If you really want to trade Forex, then we advice you to do it with a reliable Forex tool.

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