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Easyforexpips.com review ;

Easyforexpips.com review ;

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Get reliable forex signals

Easyforexpips.com review ; This is a forex signal service provider
Just like another fake signals provider easyforexpipe. This company claim to be a team of professional forex traders, with over 3 years of experience. Easy forex pips guarantees potential investors a 95% accurate signal. Although they they didn’t disclose the identity of the members of this team; Easy forex pips claim that their signals are the best. This is because unlike other signal providers that use mainly robots, they bring in the human touch into the process.

Meanwhile, Easy forex pips offers two categories of signal. They include the free signal service and their VIP signal.
Currently, they have over over 25000 clients on their free channel and over 1000 people in the VIP channel. Easy forex pips signal gives information about best time for you to trade. In addition, it also informs you on
the best way for you to trade and the currency pairchoose. After they identify the best trading opportunity; You will immediately receive a trading signal with entry point, stop loss and possible targets.

NOTE; This company is also a clear Scam. Make sure you avoid it.

Moreover, to get in touch with this people, investors have to fill a contact form on the website. This appears to be the only means of communicating them. Moreover, there is no direct email to reach them. They don’t also have any phone number for phone calls.

Easyforexpips.com Review

Easyforexpips.com review

This domain was registered on 11th of July, 2018. Although this company hides their identity, but accoding to our who.is findings, it appears to be operating from US. This domain age totally contradicts their claim of having over three years experience. This is so disappointing. There is no way traders will trust a company that lies to them.It’s possible that this vendor was selling their signals via a different service, or name but it’s also possible that they purchased being deceptive about their founded date in order to seem more reliable. . Therefore easy forex pips needs to disclose their identity to us, so that we can confirm their claims. Moreover, this is a new company and you have to be very careful with it.

Meanwhile, we don’t know the strategy they use to generate their signals. It’s not enough to claim that their signals achieve 95% success. This is a a very high success rate. Therefore they need to provide proves. Moreover, the operator claim that they have over 25000 clients in the free signal plan and over 1000 clients in the VIP plan. Therefore, in the course of this easyforexpips.com review, we expected to here from the users. Unfortunately there are few reviews on the internet. Some of which are positive while others are negative. Moreover, it is not a good sign that after 3 years as these people claim, they have only 1000 clients, in their VIP plan.

Other key features they briefly mention are the fact that they provide signals to traders worldwide. In addition, they send signals between 8AM and 12PM GMT +3, during the London session. And easy forex pips utilize Telegram messenger or Email notifications for distribution purposes.



What are the investment plans?

There are two investment plans. The free signal plan and the VIP plan. Traders can access the Easy Forex Pips signal service by purchasing either a one month, 3 month, or six-month membership. The one month plan costs $45. While the 3 months and 6 months plans cost $75 and $105 respectively. All of these plans are on a monthly basis.

The service for each plan is exactly the same. These includes 47 signals per day, 1 to 3 targets per trade and money management tips. In addition, they also provide live telegram alerts and a promise of 1500 to 2000 pips per month. This claim, alongside the promise of a 95% win rate seems highly unrealistic. Moreover, throughout our extensive research on this easyforexpips.com review, there is no verifiable proof to back up those claims.

Look at their trading performance.

Having taken a look at all the unrealistic promises made by this company. It’s time to take a look at their trading performance. This is what will confirm if the 95% success rate is true as they claim. Easy forex pips shows us a myfxbook account with which they want to prove their claims. Therefore our next step in this easyforexpips.com review is to analyze the myfxbook account.

Easyforexpips.com Review

The account is a demo account. And their broker is Alpari international. Meanwhile, the account is track record verified and trading privileges verified. But this account is not a real account. They should provide us with a real account. This demo account is not justifying anything. Trading with a demo account and winning may show that their strategy is profitable. But in this case, they don’t even show us their strategy. Moreover, they are only showing us trading history of the last month. Meanwhile anyone can generate such profit in a short time once you are constantly investing. But on the long run, your profit will determine the effectiveness of your strategy.

Therefore, it’s very disappointing that this Easy forex pips operator is only showing us the last months’ trading history. Moreover, it’s even a demo account. These people should certainly do better if they want us to recommend their product. How can a team of professionals with over 3 years experience show us just last month history. This is really disappointing. We suggest that after reading this our easyforexpips.com review, this team should do the needful. That’s to provide convincing evidence that their signal is profitable. We expect to see a trading history that is commensurate to their claims. But for now, we suggest that you invest only in trusted and profitable forex signals provider.


Conclusion on Easyforexsignal.com review.

Easy forex pips needs to provide answers to the issues highlighted above. They are not detailed in their information. Therefore we suggest that you don’t risk your money by investing in it. Moreover, you can invest in this company that is reliable and profitable.

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