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Doublemillion.com review ; What do you think about this company?

Doublemillion.com review ; What do you think about this company?

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Doublemillion.com review

Doublemillion.com Review ; This is one of the newest forex trading scams on the internet. The best thing you can do is to avoid them at all cost. Meanwhile this scammers market themselves as the most trusted company in the forex industry. Unfortunately, they are exactly the opposite of what they claim. First this domain registration was on 10th October, 2018. That’s exactly 7 months and 3 days at the time of this review. The website aesthetics is obviously very poor. Moreover, it takes a whole lot of time before it can load. Therefore, we don’t believe a company that claim to have such trust will be battling with minor issues like website speed and aesthetics.

Moreover, during this doublemillion.com review, we found out that this company has exactly the same features as another Scam we have reviewed. Therefore, this is why we are digging deeper. That’s to ensure we expose the weakness of double million, and save you from falling a victim.
Meanwhile, if you want to trade forex successfully, then you should invest your money here.

Moreover, Investors can contact them by sending a mail to info@doublemillion.com. They can also call +44-2037691956 . Their correspondence office is Suite 305 ,
Griffith Corporate Centre ,
P.O.Box 1510 ,
Beeachmont Kingstown Saint Vincent & the Gre.

Doublemillion.com Review

Double million belongs to one S.R CAPITAL GROUP LTD. This is the same company that owns tradefxcenter. Moreover, accoding to our research, we found out that they hosted tradefxcenter just three days after hosting double million. Moreover, their website design is exactly the same.
As usual, we will frown at lack of transparency by this company. On their about us page, they claim to have been in existence since 2011. But we just told you that the domain age is 7 months and 3 days. They only backdate their domain age to win your trust. But we don’t believe that you will fall such cheap trick.

Moreover, they claim to be the most trusted Company. In addition, they claim to offer advanced educational materials. Therefore, they show some e-books and video materials. Moreover, other qualities that they want you to know about double million include:

. Their Professional trading tools
. With Over 200 different trading instruments
. Low spreads
. Professional trading website.
Meanwhile, these are all lies.
Therefore we Shall leave nothing behind in this doublemillion.com review.

Double million.com review

They are only claiming to have learning materials. We tried to see what their e-books and videos look like, but their is no access. This shows that they don’t offer any such service.

If you really want to improve in your forex trading abilities, then you just have to invest in this company that has proven to be profitable.

This broker fails to mention their depository bank. Which bank do they use to sediment money deposited by investors? Lack of this vital information is a clear sign that we are dealing with a scam artist. Did you know that investors could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account?

Another disturbing feature with this broker is that they don’t segregate accounts. This means that they are pooling funds in one account which is quite dangerous. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, members will lose all their deposits. What’s more damning is that this broker fails to participate in a compensatory scheme.

What are their account types.

DoubleMillion is offering users four different account types to choose from. These accounts include Mini, Standard, Gold, and VIP accounts. Mini account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $2,500 to start trading. To be honest, this amount is way too high considering the acceptable industry minimum of $250. Other account holders must place a minimum of $10,000, $25,000, and more than $25,000 respectively. This doublemillion.com review has no adulteration and aims at saving you from these scammers. If you don’t want to loose your money, then you should just take our advice. Therefore, don’t invest in double million. Put your money in a licensed and regulated forex broker.

Some of the benefits these accounts have are all the same. All have dedicated accounts managers expect the mini account. Gold and VIP accounts have robot enabled features and leverage is 1:400 these two accounts. Mini account holders don’t get 24/5 support which is quite disturbing. How can an investor deposit $2,500 and still lack support from the broker? There’s something cooking here. It’s only a strategy to force choose an account with a higher minimum deposit. In other words, they just want you to invest more money, so they can Scam you big. Therefore this double million.com review is just to save you from this Scam.

Doublemillion.com Review

What about the demo account?

According to their homepage, users can opt to try their demo account. These fraudsters have rigged the demo account in favor of users. One might think that this is a good thing, it’s not. Rigged demo account makes over 90% successful trades.

Once investors see that they are making money with a demo account, they will want to open a real account. A real account doesn’t work like a demo account as these fraudsters will steal your funds. These brokers are in league with other brokers and will share the spoils, your deposit together.

Doublemillion.com review conclusion.

There are uncountable forex scammers out there; And double million is obviously one of them. Don’t even loose your hard earned money to this bunch of scammers. There are better transparent and regulated forex brokers. All you need to do is follow our candid advice. Sign up with any of these legit forex brokers and thank us later. Let us know if you need anything by commenting after reading.

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