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Tradefxcenter.com Review ; is trade fx center a scam? Find out now.

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Tradefxcenter.com review

Tradefxcenter.com review ; Tradefxcenter is allegedly an offshore Cryptocurrency and forex trading broker. The operator of this company markets it as the best forex broker. Meanwhile accoding to who.is, the domain registration was on 13th of October, 2018. Therefore this company has been in existence for just 8 months. Although being a new company doesn’t make it a Scam. But Tradefxcenter is showing us all the qualities of a Scam. Moreover, this company promise 100% bonus to potential clients. In addition, they claim to offer educational materials. This Tradefxcenter claim that they utilize a trading plartform that function in both android and iOS.

Everything on this website points to the fact that Tradefxcenter is a Scam. All they make are promises. They don’t have verifiable evidence to back up their claims. Meanwhile, clients can contact them by sending a mail to info@TradeFXCenter.com. They can also call +44-2038687795 . The address of their head office is Suite 305 ,
Griffith Corporate Centre ,
P.O.Box 1510 ,
Beeachmont Kingstown Saint Vincent & the Gre .

Tradefxcenter.com Review

Tradefxcenter.com review

This company is very recent. They claim to be the best forex broker so far. They also claim to provide fast and easy way to start your trading. Moreover, we don’t believe any of these claims. Since there are no verifiable evidence to support it. There is no clear trading plartforms by this company. Meanwhile, throughout the entire website; They are also encouraging potential clients to sign up. This is how scammers operate. They usually do so, such that you will give them your details. Then you will regret it later once you start loosing

Meanwhile, since they market this broker as the best, we expected to find interesting feedback by the users. Although in the website, there are no reviews by their clients. Therefore, we digged deeper in this tradefxcenter.com Review. But unfortunately, there are still no review in any other websites. The domain will expire by October 2019. Which means that these people want to Scam as many people as possible before it shorts down.

Moreover, if this company is truely genuine, They should mention something about their regulation. They don’t have license to offer financial services. And they are not regulated by any body. All these promises of 100% bonus are just to lure you into signing up so they can Scam you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from this people.
Moreover your funds are not safe in this company. They don’t have segregated account. All the money are put in the same account. Therefore if they ever go into bankruptcy, you will definitely loose your money. In addition, this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Once members lose money due to unforeseen scenarios such as bankruptcy;  No member will be refunded.

What are their account types?

We wish to remind you that this tradefxcenter.com Review is not biase. We are only trying to make sure you don’t loose your money to scammers. The findings about this broker are just like other scammers. Therefore, you need to read and understand why you should stay away from them.

Trade FX Center offers users four different account types to choose from. These account types are Standard, Islamic, Golden, and Platinum accounts. With Standard and Golden account holders, minimum deposit requirement is $5,000. To be honest, this is way too high considering the acceptable industry minimum deposit of $250. Platinum account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $10,000 to start trading.

Tradefxcenter.com review

Islamic account is targeting investors from the Islamic world which means one thing. This broker is targeting all newbie investors and trapping them is easier. These accounts come with claims such as low spreads and free online lessons. Don’t forget that they offer 100% credit bonus on all accounts except the Islamic account. These are claims simply meant to lure newbie traders into signing up with them.

Let’s meet the people behind this operation.

This company belongs to S.R Capital Group LTD which is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines. Meanwhile, this is the only ownership information on the website. Therefore, we need the operator to provide more information about this company ownership. We don’t know their CEO and CFO. These information will help us determine if they are really professional traders. There is no way traders will trust them with such information. It’s not advisable to invest in anonymous broker.

TradeFXCenter is an offshore brokerage firm that’s simply out to steal funds from unsuspecting Forex investors. Offshore brokers are known for flaunting set industry regulations and rules.

Tradefxcenter.com Review

Tradefxcenter.com Review conclusion.

We don’t recommend this broker. After our extensive research, we can only conclude that this broker is a Scam. They are just looking for someone to defraud and disappear. Therefore, we encourage you to stay as far away possible from this broker. If you want to trade forex, always consider a reputable and profitable forex broker.

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