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Blue mind Fx review/ are they a good forex signals or fake read reviews

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Blue Mind FX Review, a forex signal, from fake entities with spam product. The blue mind fx signal is a forex scam signal that can only be used in an unfit forex broker lmfx. However the lmfx is another fake forex broker. They claims that they can show you how to make easy money using your phone. More-so, they equally claim that Richard the owner have years of experience in order to give you high return. They believe that their signals is the best in the industry so-far. Therefore users can buy it cheap and as we make money quick. Thus Richard now produced ever-winner signal. However he claimed that he has been send a lot of signals to users, Prior to blue mind fx signal.

According to Richard, he is a Forex Trader and Owner of Blue Mind FX. He claimed to have provided quality forex signals at the lowest cost. Mre-so, he claimed to have been providing educational content as well as offer courses for those interested in learning the skillset. Therefore, are you in in the Blue mind Fx signal or came for further research?.

Blue mind FX review


Is blue mind fx scam

In the process of our blu mind Fx review, we checked the website quality. We equally checked the authenticity of the signal, and how it works. Unfortunately both the signal and the where you can use broker is not verified. They have no license, and no experience in forex trading. The so called Richard is fake, and no good record have been provided. Above all, the total of their promises are false, they are just doing it to see you purchase the product. However the owner claims 4years experience on the financial markets. Therefore with that you have all you need to trade successfully

Should I buy blue mind FX

The answer front Binaryoptionslord.com is NO, don’t use your money buying a signal that will not make you penny. However, we don’t recommend this product for you. This is because after checking them, we are not able to give them that benefit of doubt. Thus we undertake the challenge to give blue mind fx review to caution you. However if you need a signal that works for forex, please use this tested and trusted one. The bluemindfx.net is totally fake, please don’t give your detail to them.

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Blue mind fx pricing

In the process of our blue mind fx review, we noticed that they give average 300-500 NET Pips a Week at the cost of $20 Per Month. However they promised 24/7 Support to users. Above all, they promised to free Education. Free access to a Member Group Chat. And this where they Share Ideas, Charts, Analysis, Education etc.

Blue Mind fx conclusion

Finally we will conclude our blue mind fx review by telling you to stay off this Signal. We have carefully reviewed the Richards handwork and we are not for them. Their signals sent via the Free App Telegram are not reliable. If you need further assistance please don’t forget to contact us.

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1 thought on “Blue mind Fx review/ are they a good forex signals or fake read reviews”

  1. Hi. I have been a member of Blue Mind FX for more than a year, now, and I can say, this is as legit as it gets.

    The owner, Blue Mind Richard, is also very accommodating and supportive in achieving your success in trading. If you become a Premium member of his channel, you will have free access to his educational webinars. If you did not catch the live one, it is always recorded and listed on a channel on Discord for the whole community to watch over and over.
    Educational webinars also show the strategies and knowledge he has acquired from the last 6 months of his trading career. He is one of the most transparent mentors online. He allows his members to grow by allowing us to show our trade ideas with other members and share our opinions, too.

    He never stops reminding us about taking proper Risk Management to avoid blowing our accounts and never think about the monetary value but the percentage growth to make us live long in the industry.

    Also, how come you say it “profits from investors?”. We are never asked to invest in him or let him manage our funds. He despises those kinds of actions. He teaches us to be accountable for our trades and even encourages us to have our analysis, simultaneously, as he would love to see us build confidence in our skills and be successful.

    He never promotes any broker as well. Some of the community members ask what broker he is using and that is the only time he mentions it to us. He does not mind whatever broker we use. He just gives us pointers on how to spot the legit ones from the fake ones. To mind the spreads and other fees.
    Oh, and we don’t have fake members cause as a community, we spot those wanting to besmirch his good name and kick those in our community. We are here to grow in the industry we believe can help us achieve financial freedom, sooner than we can imagine. We don’t give fake testimonies just to get ahead with others. We mind our own business.

    If you want to learn, build that confidence, and live long in this industry, I’d say – Blue Mind FX is one of the best FX websites that give proper education, spot-on signals, and a dynamic community, ready to help one another succeed.


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