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CCXCrypto.com review ; A miserable Scam. Find out why.

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ccxcrypto.com review

Ccxcrypto.com review ; Ccxcrypto is allegedly a Forex and Cryptocurrency investment company. This scammer market’s itself as the first and most inventive real time Cryptocurrency trading plartforms; Made available to the public. In addition, Ccxcrypto pride themselves on maintaining the best technology and service in the industry; With high volatility and future products.
Accoding to the website, this company was established since 1999. Therefore, they claim to have exceptional experience and professionalism in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

Ccxcrypto.com utilize active 8 plartform which they believe makes trading easy and facilitates conversion process. They also promise to provide 24/7 customer support. In addition, you will have access to market news and other educational materials like videos, E- books, economic calendar etc. Ccxcrypto have different payment methods. Moreover, they guarantee you safety of both your funds and personal information. Although we are certain that this company is a total Scam. Therefore, if you invest your money, you will have yourself to blame.
Meanwhile, if you really want to make profit in forex and Cryptocurrency trading; Then choose from any of these licensed and regulated companies.

To contact them, you can call +447700316570. You can also send a mail to either of the following, portofoliomanagment@ccxcrypto.com, support@ccxcrypto.com and compliance@ccxcrypto.com. There is also a contact form through which you can get accross to ccxcrypto.com.

Ccxcrypto.com review

Ccxcrypto is nothing but a Scam in totality. They try to throw investors off by having two companies as owners of this platform. These are Bonatech LTD from Marshall Islands. And Mitchell Group EOOD from Bulgaria. Ccxcrypto lacks transparency which is sacrosanct in online investment. First they claim to have been in existence since 1999. And also try to confuse potential clients with fake ownership. Accoding to our ccxcrypto.com review, this domain was registered on 20th August, 2018. That is barely 1 year. Therefore it is absolute lack of transparency for them to deceive potential investors.

Meanwhile, CCXCrypto is using ACTIV8 platform as their trading platform. We confirmed how inefficiency of this plartform by tr. Sadly, this platform cannot download on desktop and tablet. This means traders are using an unstable platform which is dangerous for traders. Investors are never safe with an unstable platform.

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Ccxcrypto claims to be available for you 24/7. Meanwhile, they don’t even have live chat. Their only means of communication is true email. Moreover it takes a long time before they will respond to messages. We tried reaching out to them. But they don’t respond to emails.

In addition, there are many negative reviews about ccxcrypto on the internet. Infact, more than 99% of the reviews on the internet are negative. Meanwhile, this ccxcrypto.com review aims to clarify all our clients; Especially those that are requesting a review of ccxcrypto.

Security of funds in ccxcrypto

Your funds are totally unsafe. The identity of the people behind this Scam are not known. Moreover, they lack transparency. That’s why they claim to be existing since 1999. But accoding this ccxcrypto.com review, their domain registration was just August 2018. You don’t have any reason to trust them. They will only Scam you and disappear into the thin air. If this people are really who claim; Then should disclose their identity. They should also explain why we should believe their existence since 1999. For now the best thing for you is to avoid them. And invest in this legit and profitable company.

CCXCrypto.com review

In addition to anonymous identity. A few days ago, financial commission issued warning against ccxcrypto.com. Therefore, you should just stay away from this Scam. Meanwhile, they are not regulated by any body in the world.

What their account types?

CCXCrypto is offering users three different account types to choose from. These accounts include Basic, Pro and VIP accounts. A disturbing feature with this broker is issuing of welcome bonus. Welcome bonus starts at 10%, 20% and 50% respectively. A broker who issues a welcome bonus will most likely in the future have hidden charges. CCXCrypto is no different as they have slapped users with an insane withdrawal fee.

ccxcrypto.com review

Used by scammers as another bag of tricks, bonuses should be ignored. These accounts have the same characteristics and perks. Spreads are fixed and have a minimum order size of 0.01. Hedging is allowed with these accounts and come with a fifth decimal. Problem with these accounts is they are similar and lack minimum deposit price. Investors deposit different prices as opposed to a fixed price.

Ccxcrypto.com review conclusion.

This company is a complete Scam. There’s a lot of mischievous activities going on here. Moreover, they lack transparency, so they don’t deserve your investment. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrency, just do it here and get your profits.

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