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Kodimax review, are they legit or scam read our review

Kodimax review, are they legit or scam read our review

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Kodimax review

Kodimax review: A forex and CFD assumed professional broker. The brokerage firm with the name kodimax.com is a full time scammer. They told us that they are experienced financial services provider. We all stood up and embraced their company, hoping to get good from them. But unfortunately they are not worthy enough to think twice about. The company have nothing good to talk about. However after going through the website, we decided to come up with kodimax.com review. Listen more…

Kodimax review

Kodimax review

Kodimax forex broker was registered on 2019-05-16, by unknown person. However in the process of our kodimax review we looked at regulatory compliance. We equally looked at the websites, the owner and services provided. However we were very much surprised to see nothing at all to attach to it. The so called registration number was wrong. And the more than 4 page of writing compliance was just a camouflage by the company.

The domain was registered a month ago, and they have claimed to be regulated and registered, if not reliable. Unfortunately, we are not sorry to call then a scam because they are. A website like kodimax.com can’t brag about having all it take to provide financial services. But when you visit their website, you won’t see any good instruments.
At Binaryoptionslord.com, such brokers doesn’t take much of our Time to scan. There we have carefully checked this company and wish to diclear them a scam.

Accout types Quick overview

Kodimax broker offer, Uncountable bogus accounts. However they advised users to upgrade to a feature-rich such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Millioner club account.

500-9,999 EUR
10,000-99,999 EUR
100,000-249,000 EUR
250,000-499,999 EUR
500,000-1,000,000 EUR
1,000,000+ EUR

Kodimax review

Why did we call Kodimax a scam

A non scam forex, binary options Or any financial service provider must have a reliable regulatory compliance. Unlike kodimax forex brokers who doesn’t have any quality trading platform. Looking the company this way are they legit broker. The answer is NO because if they can’t provide a safe trading environment how will you money be secured in their platform?. Therefore be very careful with such brokers they are most likely not to last up to a 6 months.

The more I look at kodimax, the more I get angry, this claimed to be a broker is just a 2 month old scammers. Just imagine how much they gave users as account minimum deposit. Is that not too bad for every trader knowing how much risk involve when you haven’t tested a broker. Well, we are very sorry to those that have invested their money in the dark hole of kodimax. But is their a remedy? Yes, you can still ask for you money if they refuse to let you withdraw.
It requires a professional charge back like mychargeback, to get your money back front them. How it only works if you didn’t invest with cryptocurrencies.

Our Best advice

Finally we will conclude our kodimax review by telling you to stay off this scam brokers. Therefore if you have any plans to invest in this company, then don’t do that at all.

Equally letyour friends and family know about this scam as they have plans to render some home useless. Abstain from kodimax broker, don’t read or respond to their email. Don’t equally visit kodimax.com website, make sure not to talked with them on phone.

However we know so many people scared of trading and this is the reason why they fall for scam. Therefore Binaryoptionslord.com is always ready to help you invest in a right place. Even though you don’t know how to trade, no problem, just register free account with IQ mining investiment platforms and starting earning.

However, if you want to trade forex or even learn how to to trade. We equally have the best for you. IC MARKETS CAN BE IN A GOOD POSITION TO HELP YOU FOREX INVESTMENT.

Therefore, are you looking for a legitimate binary options trading robot or forex robot. Your welcome,. Just Kodimax reviewregister with binbotpro and start trading with less stress.

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