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Megacoinfx; is megacoinfx a scam or not, read this review

Megacoinfx; is megacoinfx a scam or not, read this review

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Megacoinfx review, 2019 annual publish angainst. Is megacoinfx a scam?

MEGACOINFX is a forex, crypto and CFD broker that was founded in 2018-12-06. Currently they have operational Address: 28 Dzavaharlal Neru Str., Entrance Silver Business Center, 1324, Sofia, Bulgaria.
However the broker assume to provide it’s service round the globe. Megacoinfx claim to provide professional and reliable services to all its customers.
megacoinfx offers several trading platforms, which include, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. However they believe to have been designed it, to meet the needs of investors from beginners to advanced. The company mainly provide service on crypto trading.
megacoinfx delivers options for trading in most popular liquid assets. This include currency pairs, stocks, CFDs, most major financial indices, and commodities..
The Leverages offered vary depending on the account type but can be as high as 1:1000.


Megacoinfx review

megacoinfx.com has been bragging about its customer service. Long track record and account types. Therefore we could not wait until you get scammed with their gold account. What are we saying? In the process of our megacoinfx review, we went through the website quality, history, investment plans. After all these process, we realized that they are not reliable investiment platform. Thus we are going to analyze how this works and why they have, failed to be reliable.

If megacoinfx planned not to dupe traders, they wouldn’t have given out such investment
plans. More-so the trading tools available doesn’t guarantee your success. Thus we we went ahead and checked their trading platform which range from web-based. Non of them is with investing $10000 in, however if you invest such there’s every possibility of you losing your money.

Megacoinfx account types

Megacoinfx account types: The broker assumed to give you the freedom and flexibility to find the best-fitted account. Therefore we see it as a stepping stone to forex and crypto scam. That’s to say if you are going to choose the account for your trading needs. We believe you will read about their disclaimer which will conclude in RISK. Megacoinfx lets you select from the Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. Which they assume it’s designed for newbies  and pro trader. Now see megacoinfx account types in full.

Megacoinfx.com SILVER account
MINUMUM $2,500
Senior account consultant
Access to online courses
market reviews
24h support
Up to 10% margin loan

Megacoinfx GOLD account
MINUMUM $10,000
Senior account consultant
Access to online courses
Weekly market reviews
Weekly recommendations
24h support
Up to 35% margin loan
free webinars

Megacoinfx PLATINUM account 
MINUMUM $50,000

Expert account consultant
Access to online courses
Limited Video Library
Daily market reviews
Daily recommendations
24h support
Access to video library
Higher leverages
Higher trade amounts
Risk free trades
Up to 50% margin loans

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Is megacoinfx a scam

Boooo, this company by name megacoinfx.com is not verified by Binaryoptionslord.com. However after several test, we failed to verify the broker, some of the reasons are listed above. While we touch some here. Therefore for now the owner of theatre company is unknown to us. They are newly establish and have no good tracking record from last year December till today. The promise is bogus, and the available account plan is not encouraging at all. Therefore we cannot recommend them because we don’t want to play card with your investment. You can question about this statement if you have invested and have strong reason to convince every doubt.

Megacoinfx.com review conclusion

Finally we believe we have answered your question is megacoinfx a scam. However we equally have carefully screened this company and said no to them. Therefore shall we concluded this megacoinfx review without exposing you to right place to invest. No, we can’t leave you hanging, however there’s a good brokers that have served our users better. You can start marking money by trading forex with a regulated broker bent over your success. Open account now

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