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Libra method review ; The truth behind this scam!! Find out before you invest.

Libra method review ; The truth behind this scam!! Find out before you invest.

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Libra method reviewLibra method review : Libra method is a cryptocurrency app that promises 97% accuracy in choosing profitable trades. It also guarantees daily profits of $950 -$2200. Although, throughout our research, there is no clear algorithm with which this app generates these profits. Therefore, this app is nothing but a get-rich-quick system. And anyone that invests in it stands a high chance of loosing all their money.

The Libra Method is advertised as “the world’s smartest crypto-trading software”. This is a big fat lie. By the end of this Libra method review, you will find out the truth behind this cunning scam.

Meanwhile, It’s no secret that Facebook is scheduled to launch its new currency named “Libra”. The Libra Method scam is merely a crude attempt to draw a connecting line between the power of social networks and cryptocurrencies vis-a-vis Forex and CFDs. Moreover, we have seen many of such scam. Therefore, we cannot fall for such cheap trick.

At the moment, there is no method of getting across to these people. There is no phone number, no email address,no physical location of their office and not even functional social media handles. Therefore, once you loose your money, you can never get it back.

Libra method review

Libra method reviewThis Libra method operate with a domain which was registered just 17days ago at the time of this review. Meanwhile on the home page of this website, they claim to have paid out a total of $1,138,798. This is a complete lie. These scammers are just looking for a way of luring you into their trap. Therefore, we suggest that you avoid them at all cost.

Meanwhile, at the moment these people claim that you can get a copy of this Libra method free. This is another big fat lie. In their second step, they, claim that this copy can only start working if you pay a minimum deposit of $250. Therefore, their initial statement is just to capture your attention. This money may not be too big, but you can use and buy signal here and make good return.

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Libra method review

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As we mentioned earlier, there is no clear algorithm with which these people generate the return they promise. Anyone can make promises, but there should be a clear algorithm to generate the return. Don’t invest your money here except you want to loose it.

Who is behind this Libra method?

The operators of this scam is completely anonymous. There is no clue as to who they are, where they reside or even how to communicate them. Meanwhile, if they are really professional traders, then they should disclose these information. There is no way potential clients will trust an anonymous business partner. Throughout our research for this Libra method review, we could not identify these people.

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This makes us even more sure that this another website whose main purpose is to mislead traders into registering, so that they can be cold-called by scam brokerages soon after. Keep in mind that the people behind the website, as well as those running the scam brokers, do not answer to any government authority and are pretty much free to do as they like with their potential clients’ accounts and money.

Libra method regulation and track record.

Despite our thorough research, there is no information on the website regarding the registered address, the supposed company behind the Libra Method, nor even the country of origin. A contact number is not available either, so this auto-trading service is completely anonymous.

One of the biggest problems with crypto robots such as the Libra Method is the lack of assurance for results. Libra Method promises 97% success rate and daily profits up to to $2200. Unfortunately, its website lacks any decent explanation of the auto-trading algorithm of the system. Proven track records of historical performance aren’t available either. Therefore, it makes us to believe that the Libra Method is just another crypto robot scam.

Libra method review on fake testimonials.

Throughout this Libra method website, there are numerous fake testimonials to deceive potential traders. These are same people that are hiding their identity. Yet they show fake names and fake pictures of successful traders using their system.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to stay far away from these people. They don’t deserve your had earned money. You can invest in other registered and regulated companies that can make you good profits. Investing in Libra method is a complete waist of both time and money.

Libra method review conclusion.

Libra method review

This Libra method is fake. The identity of the owners are not known. They are not regulated and there’s no clear algorithm with which they generate promised return. It’s not possible to generate such return, therefore they just want to scam you and disappear. Instead of risking your money in Libra method, use and pay for forex signals here and get good return.

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