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Cryptohopper review: are they legit or scam crypto robot, read review

Cryptohopper review: are they legit or scam crypto robot, read review

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Cryptohopper review


Cryptohopper review: The CryptoCurrency robot by Name cryptohopper.com is a New hop for young Crypto traders, the robot was built by two brothers to help traders make profit.

The company was founded Towards the end of 2017 and have attracted a number of users. The crypto robot, Cryptohopper emerged with good features and affordable price.

Owing you the fact, binaryoptionslord.com is about to review the website cryptohopper.

Therefore after the end of this Cryptohopper review, you will determine if you are to buy or not. But the fact remains that we will analyze and recommend using 3 different Qualitative approach.

Cryptohopper review

On 5th August 2019, we came across this robot again and we decided to review It for everyone.

The Crypto trading robot Have served a number of traders as said. There’s a minimum number 60% up vote, The website look save to browse.

Above all they equally have a trust score and some Proven track records. Therefore they are not Scam Robot for now. But is cryptochopper fulfilling all its promises?

The company might have said to be 100% accurate. Which we have not tried, though they are good to go. However the service offered is widely accepted by traders.

There are many numbers of crypto brokers that you can use this robot with. Above all, Cryptohopper is now an official partner with Kucoin. Which gives it higher ranking.

How much does cryptohopper cost?

For the fact that you don’t want to waste your time watching the market go up and down, you will have to spend small money on cryptohopper. Which is for the service offered. However the price and features available differ.

7days hopper trial: Free

80 positions
max 15 selected coins
max 2 triggers
Buying with 10 minutes interval
paper trading

Explorer hopper starter $19 / month

80 positions
max 15 selected coins
max 2 triggers
Buying with 10 minutes interval
paper trading

Adventure hopper midium: $49 / month

200 positions
max 50 selected coins
max 5 triggers
buying with 5 minutes interval
paper trading

Hero hopper pro: $99 / month

500 positions
max 75 selected coins
max 10 triggers
technical analysis with 2 minutes interval
all coins for signals
paper trading

Cryptohopper review

Features of cryptohopper.com

Cryptohopper came with a maximum features to help traders maximizes their profit, however. therefore to make trading easy, It offers the mejor features like:

  • strategy designer
  • Pepper trading
  • Automatic trading
  • Mirror trading
  • Shorting
  • Trialing stop-lose


Finally we will conclude our cryptohopper review, By making cryptocurrency trading easy for you.

Do you know that there good and more highly profitable professional trading robot that can have all you want done.

However if you have been trading without a verified robots, then you have been wasting your time that you can use on other business. Please take a look at no one robot.

Get a verified crypto robot NOW

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