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Amfeix review: are they reliable and reputable investment company? Read this review

Amfeix review: are they reliable and reputable investment company? Read this review

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Amfeix review

Amfeix review: make supper effort to avoid Amfeix.com

AMFEIX; is a recent company that claims to offer the best conditions for financial and blockchain investment. Since 2019-02-08, amfeix has been operating with three servers: ns1.wordpress.com, ns2.wordpress.com
ns3.wordpress.com. However they claim to be a groups of investors’ that invest funds into a pool that is managed by experienced traders on liquid exchanges. Amfeix appears to be operating from No where in terms of country. Worst of all, they target Philippines investors and can’t wait to attract more quatar. Although this domain was hosted just Few months ago, they claim a successful investment.

Amfeix appears to be a get rich quick company. Therefore it a big red flag. The promises by this company are outrageous. However this is how scammers operate. They usually target the gready investors and make them unrealistic promises.

Meanwhile, the operator claim to have the best experience in financial industry. Therefore they guarantee potential clients very interesting ROI. Above all they allow clients to verify their account anonymously and we wonder how it works.

Amfeix review *

First, this company is an unserious one, and has nothing to offer. Therefore, we will not take it seriously. From the information We got, the company have no clear description. They have not told us the owner and the country they came from. All information about them are based on how much experience they have” and the money you will get. This is a good indication of scam, as legitimate investment platform, the should have address of their company and origin. Thus non of these was found during our Amfeix review. However we tried our best to get started with them in order to give you clear undeesting of what they are.. But it all didn’t work out because of how their princess work.

Let us briefly go through the question of how to verify your account without any given them your information. Now either it’s just a fake verification or it doesn’t work at all. However looking at the anonymous verification, it’s just to push you to invest your money to them and at the end you will hear stories.

Amfeix review

Is Amfeix a scam? *

Why we have called Amfeix a scam is because: firstly they claim to maximize profit off your effort. Therefore you only invest to receive percentage of 18% without trading binary options or forex. They claim that you can verify your account profile anonymously. They have no license no prove of their business, above we can’t identify the origin. The owner remain enigma to Binaryoptionslord.com, and have proven record.

Why you should stay away from this investments platform ! *

In this amfeix.com review , we want to highlight the reasons you should stay away from this company.
1. They make unrealistic promises.
2. They operate like a Ponzi scheme.
3. There is no clear trading strategies.
4. Amfeix.com is not regulated.
5. They don’t have any proof that their service
is profitable.
6. It’s a very new Establishment.
7. They are not transparent.
8. There is no positive feedback by their self claimed clients.

Amfeix.com review conclusion. *

This company is a scam. You don’t have any reason to waste your time and money on it. Meanwhile, Like we always advice, forex trading is not a get rich quick business. It requires patience, understanding and experience. If you want to invest in forex, always make sure you avoid Scam by investing in a company that is reliable and profitable. Listen carefully!!!  Amfeix is a scam. However if you don’t know how to trade you can venture into cloud mining company like IQ mining. It’s easy to make daily profit without much knowledge. More-so avoid  scam brokers like Ricltdincome.com


One Reply to “Amfeix review: are they reliable and reputable investment company? Read this review”

  1. funny how you use the company name amfeix as a traffic mechanism to promote your own forex trading and cloud mining. Are you serious? cloud mining? All cloud mining websites are scams. I doubt my comment will be published. This review of amfeix is written by a scammer. Very obvious.

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