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FXMasterBot Review: Are they legit or scam trading robot, make sure to read this!

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Fxmasterbot review

As you gain more trading experience, it’s natural to become curious about auto-trading and the best trading robots. However, if there’s a tool which can save you time and effort, you’re going to want to use it. Although some trading robots sometimes seems to be fake while some are accurate. Above all, we always consider robots that are verified based on 75% pass mark. Most of them are automated Binary options, Forex, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Signals provider. Fxmasterbot is one of the robots and we will take our time to review it.

Fxmasterbot review

Thus an automated trading software like FXMasterBot is based on a trading algorithm. The robot was developed by a team of professionals after a long standing research. However, the forex robot is built to deliver trading signals directly to the trading room without interference. It was founded in late 2017, with the country code LU and postal code 6921. In the process of our Fxmasterbot review we checked so many things. Such like investments return, cost, ownership details and and competence.
However we found out that it’s very simple effective in trading forex and crypto. The percentage returns is 75% up, and the customer support is 24/7 with many languages. The robot is downloadable, and above it works with major regulated brokers.

Fxmasterbot Account Types

Fxmasterbot review

FXMasterBot offer a range of account just to suit all traders. While others trading software providers find it difficult to offer multiple accounts. It’s very important to help you to make small or medium budget. Now, we cannot assume that multiple accounts is the only or best way to qualify a robot;. But comparing the account types offered by FXMasterBot, we can deduct that they are rich with good features.

Demo account:

Fxmasterbot offer a good demo trading service. However, we will start by rooting out that with their demo account, as any trader can start successfully. That’s to say that beginners and advanced traders seeking a good trading robot can make use of Fxmasterbot. The demo account is richly endowed with all features in a real account.

The Novice Account

OK, after demo comes the beginner account called novice. Which is for traders that has no idea of how it works. However with the novice account you stand a chance of having three currency pairs and open three trade once. Above all such trader equally qualify to have multiple choice to add brokers. Finally this account cost $250 minimum deposit to work.

The Expert Account

Obviously, all the available account have different benefits. Therefore if you choose to start with expert account, you will benefit from things like nine currency pairs while trading. In addition to that you will have access to various other settings and an x2 multiplier leaderboard. No doubt it’s for advanced traders and can offer good benefits other than that of novice account. However the minimum deposit is just $500.

The Master Account

In the process of our Fxmasterbot review, we carefully checked out their master account first. Therefore at this point we tried to collect all the necessary information about the account and it’s features. To be sincere the master account have every single feature offered by Fxmasterbot. First of all, the benefit of the account includes an x3 multiplier, access to a massive cache of advanced settings. Above all, you get a VIP support, and access to all currency pairs. Best of it all, it cost just $500 to start using Fxmasterbot masters account.

What can FXMasterBot software do for you.

Fxmasterbot review

In addition to all we have said, we cannot conclude without telling you little about major features. Ranging from customer support and tutorials. Above all, they don’t just offer you a trading platform, but you can trade manually or automatically. Therefore, users are fully in control of their trading activities and can learn more from it. However let us look at the available settings bellow:

Reverse Trading √
Max Daily Trades√
Compound Wins√
Daily Stop Loss√
Max Concurrent Trades√
Reverse Trading√
Daily Take Profit√

Is Fxmasterbot a scam

Fxmasterbot is a verified trading robot that have proved itself with long time good reviews. Users will always say I’m certified with the robot. Above all, with its master account, traders can attain the highest quality trading support. Therefore it will be very difficult especially for beginners to fall out from the line. So what are we saying? If you are looking for a legitimate forex trading robot software, Fxmasterbot is for you.

Fx master bot  review conclusion

Finally we will conclude our Fxmasterbot review by saying that they are good to go. The most important clew that you should keep in mind even if you forget everything we have said earlier is that you will get a good support. More-so they are also not scam no work with scam brokers. Above all, very thing about the company is powered by qualified expert traders.

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