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Proactive trade.com review ; Find out why this broker is not the right choice for you. binaryoptionslord.com

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Proactivetrade.com review ; These people are not proactive in any way. And you will soon find out why in this review. This is because they are just actively scamming people through forex trading. Meanwhile, they claim to be high value investing broker. Additionally, this so called proactive trade claim to be the only secret to financial freedom.

Proactive trade offers clients 6 different account types. And the minimum deposit in the account types ranges from £2500 to £250000. Therefore, their minimum deposit alone is outrageous.

Through this review, we aim to bring to your notice that proactive trade is not licensed to provide brokerage service.

To contact them, potential clients will have to support@proactivetade.com.
They can also call +12044102496 if you are in Canada or +442080898732 for UK clients.

Additionally, clients can get their immediate response by leaving a message on the Live chart.

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proactivetrade.com review

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Proactivetrade.com review

We picked interest in reviewing this scam called proactive trade following a public warning issued by British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).

According to the website ProActiveTrade is supposedly registered in Switzerland. However, the name of the company is missing. And there is even no registration address. Such anonymity is a sure sign of trouble. Therefore we suggest all traders avoid doing business with such financial services provider. Especially if it doesn’t show it’s owner-company.

We do remind readers that Switzerland has deep integration within the EU without being a member-state through a series of bilateral treaties. Therefore, Forex trading has been taken into consideration in the country’s legislation. Moreover, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA is in charge of overseeing financial activities. Forex brokerages in Switzerland have to be licensed by the FINMA.

Unfortunately in the course of this proactivetrade.com review; We noticed that this people have been scamming innocent traders for the past three years now. And we take this opportunity to advise you to avoid them at all cost.

Proactivetrade.com review

Proactivetrade.com review on their account types.

These people offer potential clients 6 different account types. Each of the account types comes with different packages. Although all of them have some benefits in common, like webinar, daily market analysis and trading on the platform. Unfortunately, they are using packages to entice vulnerable traders. These account types require minimum deposit ranging from £2500 to £250000.

But the service they provide for clients depends on the the account type. Which is what happens in most other brokers.
Meanwhile, these minimum deposit are quite outrageous. They are more than the minimum deposit in other brokers which is usually $250. These people operating this proactive trade are scammers and don’t operate within the industry standard. But there are better brokers that are more reliable.

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How safe is your funds in proactive trade?

Your money is not safe in this broker. They have qualities of scammers. First they are completely anonymous. This is a bad omen. It’s not wise to invest in a broker that is entirely anonymous. Moreover, you need to confirm if they really professionals before investing your money. But it’s not possible here since they are anonymous.

In addition, this broker has no license to provide such financial services. Moreover, the the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has warned the public against investing in it. Therefore this proactive trade.com review serves as a reminder to the entire public.

What is their trading plartform?

Proactive trade does not say anything about their trading plartform. Unlike a licensed broker, there is no information on the trading plartform of this broker. And this is an important area of interest for potential clients. Since it will help them to take note of anticipated trading conditions. By so doing, these potential clients will familiarize with the trading condition. But there is no such information.

Generally, most traders like Mt4 trading plartform. It comes with great features and easily customizable and usable. Meanwhile, they didn’t show any plartform utilized.

In addition, there is no demo account here. Therefore, we don’t see why they will expect traders to invest in their plartform blindly. Moreover, their minimum deposit is higher than normal.

We expect these people to be more explanatory in what traders may anticipate while investing. They can’t be hiding their identity and trading conditions and expect traders to invest.

Proactive trade.com review Conclusion.

Proactive trade has been existing since 3 years now. Although they are not popular, but we know that they are using their marketing strategy to entice traders. Therefore, we encourage everyone reading this review to avoid them. Moreover, there are licensed and regulated broker that can serve you better. So if you want to trade, just choose from any of these reliable and transparent brokers.

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