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Aitrades review: are they real to open account with

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Aitrades review ; Aitrades is allegedly a cryptocurrency investment company. According to their claims, one can buy, store and even sell cryptocurrency using their plartform. Meanwhile, these transactions are done with absolute safety.

Aitrades review
Moreover, just like other fake company,just like other fake company, Aitrades wants us to believe that they have experience and expertise to execute transactions.
Do you believe that Cryptomatic by AiTrades has been actively involved in the payment terminals market for the last 5 years. And with more than 2 years of involvement in the cryptocurrency industry. They also claim to manufacture and distribute ATMs around the globe in more than 25 countries!
At this juncture, we wish to notify you that there are a lot of claims by these people. We were able to go through log research, we found out that there is absolute lack of transparency in this company.
We believe that they are just looking for who to scam and you will find out soon.
To get across to them, potential clients can send a message through telegram using the link t.me/AitradesOfficial. They can also send a mail to info@Aitrades.org.
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Aitrades review
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Aitrades review

This company is so fake that we have no option than to let you know about their loopholes. First, they claim to operate based on artificial intelligence.  Meanwhile, they are not showing how the system functions. Moreover, it’s clear that this is just a Ponzi scheme.
They are only enticing vulnerable traders with lucrative return on investment. Unfortunately, those are just mare promises which are not realistic. Of course to make it look real, they calculate profits using the a profit calculator.
Meanwhile just below the profit calculator, you will will see this write up below;
“We are not a license investment company. And not a Bitcoin management company. We manage our members bitcoin and return a ROIB daily. We do not give any guarantee. The crypto market is a very volatile space. This calculator is to give you an estimate of what could happen.”
Simply put, they are telling you that they will scam you and you will not see your money again.
Therefore, after reading this aitrades review, we expect you to stay far away from them.
But if you want to invest your money in bitcoin, then you should do it in HashingBTC. It’s a safe, licensed and profitable cryptocurrency mining company.

What exactly can aitrades offer?

Basically, AI Trades is (99.9% likely to be) a Ponzi scheme masking as an investment program based on – you guessed it – artificial intelligence-driven trades. Here are some of the “products” they offer

1 – AI Robots for arbitrage between exchanges
2 – AI Robots for trading with any pair of cryptocurrency
3 – AI Robots for margin trading on exchanges (in development)
4 – AI Robots for mining (in development)
5 – AI Robots for market analysis and search for financially-beneficial altcoins (in development)
6 – Ai-Power Nodes
As you’re probably already aware, arbitrage-based investment programs have been all the rage in Ponzis over the past couple of years. It’s a smart move because it can be automated, black boxed, and consistently profitable. A perfect front for a Ponzi operation.On top of them having no identifiable team, no type of information about the software or exchanges used (that would be black box confidential I guess) and no sort of licensing, partnerships or backers of note.
NOTE: This aitrades review aims to help you avoid this obvious scam.
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Aitrades review on the safety of your funds

This owner of this  scam plartform is a popularly known scammer called Joff Paradise. He has been involved in several scam activities, ranging from unlawfully taking over someone’s apartment in the United States to running down a gym center. But the loudest of all of them is his earlier bitcoin scam using a plartform known as trade coin club.
Moreover, he has also scammed a lot of people using casino clubs.  Unfortunately our greatest concern about this guy is that  He regularly gives seminars about how awesome his moneymaking programs to financially illiterate member bases, jetsetting to Vietnam, Belize, Thailand, Ukraine, Nigeria, India, etc., on the regular.
The best thing for you is to avoid this guy at all cost. He is only waiting to reap you off your hard earned money.
If you want to invest in bitcoin, then put your money in this company  and be sure of your ROI.
Aitrades review Conclusion
This plartform is scam. Therefore, don’t waste either your money or your time on it. Take our sincere advise and run for your life.
You can find out more about the alternative we recommend by reading this iqmining reviewiqmining review.
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