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Coinsmex review; are they legit or scam, a most read review.

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Coinsmex review

Coinsmex review ; Founded in 2017, this self acclaimed cryptocurrency firm has been scamming the people of Bulgaria. Coinsmex claim to be a company where you can trade cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, they also claim to offer bitcoin exchange service.

If you have gone through our licensed bitcoin brokers list, you would see quick reasons to turn down any offer from this company

However at this moment, we wish to notify you that all these are just claims. Currently, the people of Bulgaria are shading tears because of Coinsmex. Therefore, we think it’s necessary to expose them, Especially now that Bulgaria financial regulatory body has issued warning against Coinsmex.

To communicate these people, potential clients will have to call phone number 442039662305 or send a mail through email addresssupport@coinmex.con. Additionally, they can visit their office using the address 280 w market St #211, Greensboro NC 27406, USA.

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Coinsmex Review


Coinsmex review

We want to continue this review by analysing the website. First of all, remember that our attention was drawn to this scam as a result of the warning issued by Bulgaria financial regulatory body.

But on getting to the website, we noticed that there is total lack of transparency. For instance, they claim to be under the umbrella of a company registered in Bulgaria. Yet their Head office is in US. This information is quite inconsistent.

Considering the inconsistency in address, we focused on trying to find out who they are. And this is the only information on the about us page;

We are comprised of a group of technology wizzes and financial experts. We have been involved in developing and offering trading technology to the retail sector for over a decade. Since 2010 we have been buying and selling cryptocucrrencies for ourselves and have been very happy with the results. Now we are offering our clientele the same ability. We realize that while everyone has heard of Bitcoin not everyone will know to trade it. That’s why we supply training and education for all of the products we offer.

Of course such information is still not useful. We really need them to disclose their identity. That’s very key in online investment.
We believe that the operators are reading this very coinsmex review. Therefore, they need to disclose their identity else we will continue to black list it.

What exactly does Coinsmex do?

Do you know that Cryptocurrency mining is one of the greatest available business opportunities now. But you have to be careful because it is also the commonest way of online Scam today.


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Basically, these people promise to provide an excellent plartform for cryptocurrency trading. This trading can occur in either of three ways. You can trade cryptocurrency by yourself, invest in a managed account or allow computer to place your trade after setting it up.

Another problem here is, how do we know the commission, since they mentioned nothing concerning it. All the same, there is absolutely nothing good about these people.

If you really want to invest in cryptocurrency without trading, then iqmining is the place for you.

Meanwhile, for the AAT that is, Authomated Algorithmic trading, you have to set up your trading, like the trading size, call and put prices. Then the computer will complete the trading at the right time.

And for the Cryptocurrency managed trading account CMTA, you have to register under a manager with experience. Therefore, they claim that you will tap from the knowledge of experienced people.

If you invest in this company after reading this Coinsmex review, then you will have yourself to blame.

How safe is your funds in coinsmex?

Coinsmex review

Not safe at all. First, they are providing inconsistent information. Moreover, if you chech very well, you will notice that their identity is not public. In addition, there are several complain by Bulgarians necessitating the the public warning.

Therefore, you don’t have any reason to waste your money in the scam. Do well and avoid them at all cost.

Coinsmex review Conclusion

Finally, we advise you to invest only in regulated company. That’s the only way you can be sure of your funds. And currently, the best place for you is bitbay.

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