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Flip-options review ; Is this broker a scam. Don’t invest before reading this review.

Flip-options review ; Is this broker a scam. Don’t invest before reading this review.

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Flip-options review ; Flip-options.com is a domain that was registered about 20 months ago, precisely 24 May,2018. The operators are just a team of scammers that are totally ignorant of how forex market functions. Although they claim to be regulated, but that’s a big lie. In addition, they make unrealistic promise of 95% profit in just 60 seconds. Such promise is possible in Ponzi scheme and not true forex trading. Meanwhile, they claim to offer the best trading conditions. Although their minimum deposit is a little higher than the required industry standard. Moreover, Flip-options also claim that you don’t need to have any experience in forex trading before you start making profit. This is a complete lie.

This people are just looking for a way to ensure you deposit your money so they can disappear with it. But we shall fully expose them in this Flip-options review. To get across to them, potential clients can do so using the live chat. They can also fill out a form on the contact page or send a mail to support@flip-options.com.

Have you been looking for a reliable Forex and binary options trading plartform. Then Raceoption is your choice. A plartform with trusted ROI. They are well regulated and allow minimum deposit within the industry standard.

Flip-options reviewThere has been a lot of testimonials regarding this company. Therefore you just have to register and join the rest in benefiting from it.

Flip-options review

On getting to this website,the first thing that we noticed was that their claim to be a registered broker. Meanwhile on further research, we noticed that they claim to be operating under the name Finance Group Corp. Moreover, this company is supposedly registered and licensed by VFSC. Moreover, it’s a public information that this regulatory body doesn’t give companies license to trade forex. Therefore, it’s a clear indication that Flip-options is not a transparent broker. Meanwhile, they claim to offer the best trading conditions. In addition, these people are targeting newbies who they believe they can easily scam. That’s why they promise them that even without any experience, they can invest and get 95% ROI. But, during this Flip-options review, we also found out that they are willing to offer 100% deposit bonus which is not good especially for beginners. These are obviously methods of attracting clients.

Remember that forex market is highly volatile. Therefore promising ROI as high as 95% is a fake one. Especially if the traders don’t have experience. In addition, the deposit of 100% comes with certain conditions which are always unfavourable to traders. We encourage you to stay away from Flip-options else they will scam. We always encourage traders to invest only in registered brokers like fxpro and Hotforex. That’s the only way your investment will be assured. Moreover, every legit broker will most likely be registered with world class regulatory bodies like FCA and Cysec. That is the only way they get clients compensation funds. For instance, FCA offers as high as $80,000 and Cysec offers up to $20,000.

Flip-options deposit and withdrawal

The only good thing about this broker is the fact that they offer different methods of deposit and withdrawal. These include standard Visa card and Master card as well as wire transfer. But, they don’t offer E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Meanwhile in their terms and conditions, there are some questionable conditions for withdrawal. For instance, they require a minimum trading turnover before they can process withdrawal. And, the amount is not even specified. Therefore they can always adjust it to suit their needs.

Flip-options reviewHowever, if traders fail to achieve the turnover, Flip-options will charge 20% for each withdrawal. We shall not be happy to see our traders fall victims for such cheep scam. That’s why we  write this Flip-options review, so it sound as warning to anyone that has ears. But if you have been scammed already, then read this Mychargeback review to find out how to recover your money.

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Flip-options reviewIqmining is currently one of the most profitable Cryptocurrency mining company in the world. Therefore join the rest of the world in enriching yourself by investing in iqmining.com.

Flip-options review on the trading plartform

This broker offers only web based trading plartform. In other words there is no available meter trading plartform. In addition, they don’t welcome demo account. So, how do they expect potential clients to test the plartform? Meanwhile, their initial deposit amount of $300 is higher than the minimum industry standard. Ideally, they should accept demo account so that traders can practice before investing such amount. But from all indications, Flip-options knows that they have nothing to offer so allowing traders to test their plartform through a demo account will scare everyone of them away. In addition, they have strict trading conditions especially with respect to their withdrawal policies. We strongly suggest that you avoid them. Moreover, if you insist on trying the broker, then you should invest only the minimum deposit. Then after a few trades, you can apply for a withdrawal so you get the test of their conditions.


Our verdict on Flip-options is simple. Let them provide better information, trader’s favorite plartform (like mt4) and allow demo account. In addition, they should also register with famous regulatory bodies like FCA and Cysec. Then we can test it and maybe have a different view. But for now, all indications point to Flip-options as a scam so we don’t recommend it for anyone. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share your experience on the comment section. You can also send this piece of information to your friends through the social media handles. Happy trading.

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