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Swisscryptocap review ; A terrible crypto currency exchange. Stay away from them and stay safe.

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Swisscryptocap review ; This is a new self acclaimed profitable crypto currency investment company. Although we are very much aware that swisscryptocap.com is out to scam; We need you to verify by reading this piece of article. Meanwhile, these scammers claim to offer trading in forex, options, and various CFDs, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, not even the name of the company that operates using the website is disclosed. And we consider such action a big red flag.

To get across to them, clients have to send a mail to support@swisscryptocap.com. They can also call 41445510563.

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Swisscryptocap review

First, this scammers claim to be a group of professional traders from Asia, Europe and Noth America. In addition, they claim to have a plartform that is the best in the industry. Unfortunately these are false claims. These people are not professional traders. Moreover, they don’t even have any plartform. They are just scammers sitting in the comfort of their homes and looking for who to destroy. This is why we advice you to stay away from them. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a reliable plartform for crypto currency exchange or trading, then click here to see the world’s largest crypto currencyexchange.

How safe is your money in swisscryptocap.com.

Your money is entirely unsafe in this plartform. They have failed to disclose their identity. They only claim to be a group of 13 professional traders. Unfortunately it’s not true. Moreover, these so called professional traders have remained anonymous. Meanwhile, not even the identity of the company operating using the website is known. Additionally, during our research for this Swisscryptocap review, we found out that the website is in the blacklist of Swiss financial regulator FINMA. Therefore they have been defrauding unsuspecting investors. You have to avoid loosing your money to them by avoiding them completely.

Swisscryptocap review

Meanwhile, the scammers didn’t mention anything about trading license. The website only features an address in Hong Kong, as well as a contact number with the country code of Switzerland. Also the terms and conditions mention a registration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Yet their is no evidence that these people are operating under any regulatory body.

What are the trading conditions of this brokers?

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According to this Swisscryptocap review, the trading conditions are not mentioned. SwissCryptoCap doesn’t reveal anything about its offer. Therefore potential clients don’t know what is the minimum investment required, the leverage ratios provided, the costs of trading. We don’t even know the deposit and withdrawal charges, or if there are any other charges on traders for using the so called plartform. This is highly typical of a scammer.

Swisscryptocap review on trading plartform.

This is one other big problem with this company. There is no available trading plartform. Moreover, they don’t support the commonly accepted trading plartform like Meta trader 4 or even Meta trader 5. They only claim to offer a demo account without stating the trading plartform. These people are so typical of a scam. Avoiding them is the best option.

NOTE: You can also check what we found out about iqmining here.


This Swisscryptocap is a scam. You have to avoid them else you loose your money. Meanwhile we always encourage readers to invest only in regulated companies.

Thanks for reading and always give us a feedback to help us serve you better.

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