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Wazobia cash review | wazobia cash investment | another scam in Nigeria

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Wazobia cash investment

Wazobia.cash review ; wazobia.cash is another trending Ponzi scheme in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The criminals behind this plartform promise their potential clients 50% return on their investment in just 72hours. Meanwhile, they accept a minimum deposit of #10000 and maximum deposit of #1000000 or their Bitcoin equivalent.

However, these scammers are anonymous and the website is full of  lies that we already verified. These promises by wazobia are too good to be true. There only interest is to use the scheme to pull funds like box value and mmm before they vanish.

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Wazobia.cash Review

This wazobia is a nasty scam. They rely on making outrageous promises to their clients. Of course, very soon the website will crash, and they need to have pulled enough fund before that happens. Therefore, they go out of their way now to pay clients in other to keep them coming.

Meanwhile, according to the website, these scammers claim that wazobia has been operating since 2017. This is a big lie. According to whois.net, this wazobia.cash was registered on 12th December, 2019. That was six months ago. This is one important reason you don’t need to have anything to do with this wazobia cash investment. They lack transparency.

Wazobia cash review

In addition, we tried to get information on what exactly they invest your money on. Unfortunately, there is nothing. They only pay you your 50% when others put their money. They don’t trade, forex, binary options, crypto currency or even stock. Avoid these people at all cost else you will loose your money. Instead, invest in a reliable and regulated company like alpari.

How does wazobiacash investment work?

First of all, to join this plartform, investors will have to pay an activation fee of #1000. This is unheard of and is actually a red flag.

In this wazobia.cash review, we realized it’s just a ponzi scheme. Potential clients
invest with naira or bitcion ranging from #10000 to 1million to get 50% interest. They promise to pay your first return in 72hours.
Subsequently your profits mature every 7 days. This brings to the question, is wazobia cash a scam?
Yes of course, it’s a big scam. There is no clear investment by these people. They only rub Peter to pay Paul while waiting to pull enough funds in other to vanish. Take this advice and leave these scammers. There are companies where you can invest your money and make profits.

Wazobia.cash review on requirements for withdrawal.

It even gets worse here. This wazobia cash investment put a clause in the withdrawal conditions which makes investors blind.
You will have to recommit the exact amount of your capital or more, before you withdraw the one that’s mature.

For instance, if you used #10000 to invest, in the first three days, you would be withdrawing #15000. However, before you withdraw this #15000, you will have to recommit same #10000 or more. Therefore, they claim that this system will ensure that money will always be available to pay clients.

However, in this wazobia.cash review, we need to explain to you the reasons for the clause. They are aware that this plartform is scam and will not stand the test of time. Therefore, they don’t want to lose anything once it’s time to shortdown. Any one who invest anything will have given away his or her initial capital. Once the initial capital generates enough funds, they will vanish with all the money. This plartform is nothing but an organised Cyber crime.

Is wazobia cash investment Legit?

Do you have interest in trading forex, or investing just to get returns while you do other things? Have you been looking for where to invest your money but not convinced yet? Do you want to learn how to trade forex from home without paying anyone?

Wazobia.cash reviewThen search no more. Hotforex is an award winning forex broker. In this broker, you can invest your money while they trade on your behalf and you will be receiving your commission from the comfort of your home. You can also trade yourself or attend their online webinar free in other to become a professional trader. Moreover, hotforex is registered and regulated with a client compensation funds scheme.

Is wazobia cash investment legit? According to the website, wazobia is not regulated. Infact they are not registered with any regulatory body. Therefore, they didn’t bother to mention anything about their regulations. This simply shows that your funds are not safe. Moreover, the identity of these people are undisclosed. They only make outrageous promises just to get clients. However, we can safely conclude that this is a total scam.
Remember, regulated companies operates what is called clients compensation funds. This simply means that when anything happens to the financial firm, the regulatory body has the obligation to refund the clients certain percentage of the investment capital. However, this is not applicable in wazobia since it’s not regulated by any body.

Why will this scam spread fast?

This is because they use referral bonus to get more registration. However since they offer bonus on every referral. Then active users will like to increase their earnings by inviting their friends. By doing this the company keep moving fast and they that invited you will not tell you the truth. However a popular artist by name ‘Yul Edochie’ who might know the group behind this con artists advertised for wazobia. While some reasonable Nigerians attacked him on his page for supporting scam others share their referral links. Though some claim his account was hacked which might be possible. Therefore you should know when to invest, were to invest, and how to invest.

Wazobia Cash investment conclusion

Is wazobia cash investment legit? Well, from our review above, you must have known that they are scam. This company is nothing to write home about. The interest of the operators is making you loose your money on the long run. You don’t have to waste either your time or money here. Instead invest in reliable, registered, regulated and profitable firms like Hotforex or alpalpari.

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