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Forexsignals.cc Review: An Auto Trading System To Scam You, But We Have Exposed Them

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Forexsignals.cc review: is forexsignals.cc legit or scam? Until you read this review, you cannot conclude.

Forexsignals.cc review
recently deferrent trading approaches have an intent to overthrow human effort. Many experts claim to be a solution to all trading problems. Professional traders now claim to make beginners trade successfully with the help of signals. Now we are here to discuss one of this type, a new signals called forexsignals.cc, a Strent and as well recommended by the provider as ultimate.
Alternative to forexsignals.cc
Forexsignals.cc review: This is a forex signal provider that was founded by an experienced group of independent traders in London. Established in 2014 and claim to be one of the most modern, innovative and powerful platforms. Therefore if we are to believe in them, they assume to be Forex experts, traders and investors with single aim to help beginners.

Forexsignals.cc as said support all brokers with MT4 Platform.
They claim to send you signals by email/Mobile phone or MT4 and that all their trades are monitored by real traders 24X5. Therefore this company offer one month free trial which they claim can help traders. Forexsignals.cc give at least 5 signals in a week and requires no VPS. However, in the process of our forexsignals.cc review,  we visited the website, we checked how authentic it can be. Therefore we are going to compare it with other signals to make a better decision.

Is Forexsignals.cc Legit?

Is forexsignals.cc legit or scam? We have gone through the website and we have checked and compared. Now,  we are going to speak for or against the signal. However checking out the domain, it was registered by godaddy.com on 2016-10-09, and hosted by ns1.greengeeks.com. Therefore, with the data from whois and the one on their website, we can say that forexsignals.cc is not legit. On their website, they claim to have found in 2014. But that’s total lies as we know, godaddy.com must have registered this domain before they now purchased it. What am I saying? The worst part of it all is their author trading software.  Forexsignals.cc claim to offer you their trading system to make $250.997 in 3 days. But before you can start, you will use their broker and you will deposit $1200. They claim that their system is not for professionals and that anyone can make money with it. However, we are sure that their trading system is fake and can give any potential profit. Therefore if you are looking for a reliable trading system or forex managed account, then go for worldmarkets. But for now please avoid forexsignals.cc for scam sake.

Special Recommendation

Are you looking for a reliable forex signals? We only support one forex signals which is forexsignals.com. we have over 100 active clients from UK. Forexsignals.com is the only way to get an accurate result with signals.
Forexsignals.com recommend
No, please I’m looking for a reliable trading robot, can I get one? 
There’s no two ways of making money from forex trading. But if you can get an automated trading system, as a busy trader or a beginner or just to reduce the stress. It is good as we all know. Make use of gpsforexrobot for auto trading. But for gurantteed forex managed account make sure to use worldmarkets, and here I rest my case
Forexsignals.cc management account

How Do I Get My ForexSignals.cc?

They offer their signals in deferrent ways, so it depends on you to choose where you will receive the signals.
Forexsignals.cc Email/Phone number: If you decide to recieve this signals on your WhatsApp or email, they will send the signals to your Email and Mobile phone or forex signals to your MetaTrader  with full signals details include SL and TP. But as we see, it would be better to choose their auto trading system. This type or method of recieving signals allow 0.01 lot per trade.
Forexsignals.cc WhatsApp: In this methods of sending signals to traders, you will be able to get signals directly to your WhatsApp. However if you complete your registration, you will need to give them your favorite whatsapp number for signals.
Forexsignals.cc mt4: Forex signals for MT4 user: They claim to have EA copier that enable you to copy all the trades from their master account to your trading account.
Forexsignals.cc gives option like, you can set max lot size or you can set max open order by EA. Therefore you can receive this via mt4. However all the signals are open and close by the forex signals system.
This signals allow you to set your preferred trade lot size per trade like 0.01 per lot.

Price And Plan?

Forexsignals.cc price and plans
Forexsignals.cc offer from one month to one year plan with price on each. However this depends on your choice and features you would like to include. The one month plan will cost you $99. Three months plan will cost you $267. Six months plan will cost you $396 and finally one year plan will cost you €598.

How Does Forexsignals.cc Work?

If you want to Use the signal, you just have to subscribe either for one year or by months.
Then as they claim that their professional systems brings together the latest in technology and experience of real traders to monitor the market 24X5. They execute trades in their live master accounts. Then through cutting edge technology, their proprietary trade copier sends those same trading signals directly to your broker account to be executed on your email and mobile phone.

Who’s Behind This Signal?

As we write review of forexsignals.cc, we checked who is the provider of the signal. All this is to know if forexsignals.cc is legit or scam However after a long research, we got no one to call the CEO. They claim to be located in UK with the address Old Broad Street Business Centre London, UK, EC2M 1RX. But with honest results, they don’t have office yet. The scammers behind this forexsignals.cc are just group of invisible traders. But what I suggest is that you don’t try the 10 days free signals which require you to choose their brokers and make a required minimum deposit and trade.
However if you want to reduce the stress of trade, then make sure to use worldmarkets or GPSforexrobot.

ForexSignals.cc Conclusion

Finally, we will conclude our forexsignals.cc review by telling you not to open account with them. The company is not regulated nor reliable. They have no tracking records and provide non verified signals. However the worst as we have said is their auto trading system which give you a bogus income by lips. If you invest in the signal, you might not be able to win any trade. They only showed us a single trading evidence which I can never trust. Just like theforexhub, forexsignals.cc is a scam. If you are looking for a reliable forex brokers? oxtraders is first option. I trade binary options, then try iqcent.
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Forex signals cc
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