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Iitfinance.com review ; Another hidden scam.

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Iitfinance.com review : iitfinance is another scam in the forex industry. These scammers believe that they have made investment in forex, commodities and CFDs very easy as well as profitable. Iitfinance.com provides potential clients with a web based trading plartform. Meanwhile, they claim that this clients can easily generate profits using the plartform in any device of their choice. In addition, they iitfinance consider their plartform to be entirely risk free. Moreover, these scammers claim to provide their clients with bonuses. This way, even the newbies can invest big.

Before we continue this iitfinance.com review; It’s important to state it clearly that this broker is a complete scam. Their secret desire is to ensure that you loose your had earned money. However, we encourage you to finish this iitfinance review and see their loopholes.

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iitfinance.com review

This company is verified by user and offer quick response. Start making money while you sleep, let old traders handle your account and see your profit grow. However if you want to trade this on your own, then you can contact them for help. But all I’m sure of is higher returns and reliable management. Let the robot do it for you.

Iifinance.com review

With our several years of experience in detecting scam brokers; We have looked at this one. And today, you shall find reasons to avoid them. First of all, according to who.is, the domain registration was on 22/02/2010. Therefore one can assume that the broker has been existing for like 10 years now. This is simply a credit to the operators of the scam. Moreover, this length of time should be a reassuring evidence of credibility. Unfortunately, this is not the case with iitfinance.

Iitfinance.com operates from the shadows. This is the very first red flag about it. How can a broker exist for as long as 10 years, and still operates from the shadow? There is no way they can win investor’s confidence with such attitude. However, only fake brokers fail to disclose their identity.

Iitfinance review on the bonuses.

According to the website terms and conditions, this broker offers their clients bonuses at different levels. Suffice it to say that iitfinance has been using this practice to scam innocent investors. There are stringent conditions required before you merit the bonus. These ranges from amount of deposit, volume of trade, tight withdrawal conditions.

iitfinance reviewIn their terms and conditions, if you receive $1 bonus, you need to have a minimum trading volume of $20,000. Therefore, if you have a bonus of $100, your minimum trading volume must be $2, 000,000. In addition, to withdraw a bonus of $50, clients have to make a$500,000 turn of trade.

iitfinance.com review

These rules can only make you invest more money so they can scam you big. We strongly suggest that you avoid this scam at all cost. If you are looking for a reliable and profitable broker, then OXtrader is for you.

Iitfinance.com review on security of your funds.

It is very vital to remind you again that your money is not safe in this company. They operate from the shadow. They only mention that the broker is operated by International information finance limited. However no further information is on the website. Therefore no one can say for sure who these people are. This is a big indication that your money will definitely be at risk. Moreover, there is no evidence that iitfinance is registered or regulated by any body. The only information on the website is the registration address in UK. Meanwhile, if this broker is truly registered in UK; Then it should be under the regulation of FCA. However, this is not the case.
You should avoid this malicious scam. If you truly want to invest, then do it in this registered and regulated broker.

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Iitfinance trading plartform.

This is the worst part of this scam. In this advanced age of investment that everyone is craving for a broker that uses sophisticated plartform like MT4; Iitfinance.com uses web based trading plartform. In this iitfinance.com review; we should remind you that many people don’t like web-based trading plartform. Traders prefer MT4 plartform which gives better insite and better control of your investment.
Avoid this broker if you don’t want to loose your money.

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What are their investment plans.

These people appear to have only one account type. This is the minimum account which requires a minimum deposit of $500. In this iitfinance review, it’s important to remind you that this is double of the minimum industry standard. Always invest in a broker that operates within the requirements of the industry. In addition, they don’t provide demo account. This demo account enables investors to practice using the broker’s plartform.

Iitfinance.com review on the customer service.

There reaction time is very poor. We tried severally to get their attention, but not successful. We are waiting to get a response to the message we sent on live chat since 96 hours ago, but no response. You can not succeed in forex trading with such poor response from these people. You should just stay away and stay safe.

Iitfinance review conclusion.

This broker is a scam. We don’t expect you to risk your money in it because you will regret it. You can invest in other legit brokers like OXtraders. The will give you everything you desire to be a successful trader.

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1 thought on “Iitfinance.com review ; Another hidden scam.”

  1. Astrofx is a big scam
    He also has another website/trading in crypto business called Astrofx with 14 employees in London, scamming for him and doing his dirty work, He handpicked and trained them apparently. Their offices are located in Mayfair, Westminster, United Kingdom

    He is a smooth talker and finds himself in L A USA at this moment.

    Please check out Aman Natt(@ammanatt) he is on Instagram and Facebook a real glitchy fellow with a lot of stash..I invested and have proof of it over 600,000 South African rands. He3has made me numerous promises that I could withdraw3 my profits but each time he has a different excuse.

    I have still contact with him. I have accumulated apparently from my investment in less than 5 moths an amount of 259,627 usd in my trading account.Probable but highly unlikely…He is now expecting me to pay and conversion amount of 5,600usd before the usd money can be converted to South African rands…something I am questioning He has made me many plenty promises of lots of profits.


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