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Goldver.com review; Don’t invest without reading this Goldver review.

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Goldver review

Goldver.com review ; Goldver review ; Goldver is a scam forex broker that is registered in offshore zone but not regulated by any body. This broker claim to offer trading in forex, binary options, crypto currency, stock and gold. From our Goldver review, it’s obvious that they lack transparency and don’t deserve your money.

The operators are anonymous. According to the website, the broker has been existing since 2012. However, that is a big lie since the domain registration is in May 2020. They also have high leverage which is bad for beginners. Moreover, we don’t even expect anyone to invest in it. And you will understand why at after reading this review. For now, we encourage you to invest only in reliable, regulated and profitable brokers.

If you have been keeping your money in the bank, that’s not a good option. Do you want to multiply your money in a legitimate manner, that’s a fantastic idea. However, you have to be careful because the forex, binary options and crypo currency industry is filled with scammers.



Goldver.com reviewThat’s why we offer you Iqcent which is one of the best investment companies in the world. It is tested, trusted and regulated. Invest your money in Iqcent and don’t forget to thank us.

Goldver.com review.

These people claim to be the leading global company in the field of finance from 2012. However, according to who.is, the website registration is on 6th of May, 2020. This is absolute lack of truth which is Paramount in online investment.

In addition, they think they have over 238675 users across more than 15 countries in the world. Also, they claim to have over 13 offices throughout the world.
Our questions is, DID THEY ACHIEVE ALL THESE IN JUST THREE MONTHS? Of course such achievement may happen with a legit broker; But definitely not a scam like goldver.com. Therefore, you should not make attempt at putting your money in it.

Goldver review on account types.

There are six different account types that goldver offers their possible clients. They include mini, bronze, silver platinum, gold and diamond accounts. The minimum deposit in the mini account is $250. This is within the industry standard. However, you should only give it a try if you are willing to loose such amount. Meanwhile, the other account types have outrageous minimum deposits. But it doesn’t really worry us so much since we don’t expect you to invest in it after reading this goldver.com review .

Goldver review

Our worry is how they make every attempt at luring innocent people to invest more money. For instance, there is a withdrawal fee of 25 EUR for mini account. But none for diamond account. Indirectly, it’s an attempt to make people pay more.

We encourage you to invest in this company that has your interest at heart.

How safe is your money in Goldver?

It’s entirely unsafe. Like we earlier pointed out, the company is in Marshall Ireland which is offshore. The problem here is that these people are not under the regulation of any authority. Which means that once you loose your money, there is no room for a charge back. This is not the case with other companies that are well regulated.

Also the operators are entirely anonymous. Even the Trust Company they consider their parent company is unpopular. This simply means that a lot is wrong with them..

Other Vital information about goldver.com

Trading software; For its clients, Goldver offers Web Trader, an online platform that does not require download. Perhaps you think this is perfect!, just register and start trading, yay! Not so fast! Let us take a look and see what the platform offers and then we’ll compare it to some other trading platforms to evaluate its advantages or disadvantages.

Goldver.com review

On the left hand side, we see a menu which options are not that crucial to the trade activities. On top, we see the type of trades that you can choose from – forex, crypto, indices, commodities, USA , Australian, European stocks, etc. When you choose a pair of currencies, the interface shows you the fluctuation for a chosen period of time, leverage, margin, sell and buy price.

Goldver.com review on leverage and spread.

During this Goldver review, we norticed that they offer their clients a leverage as high as 1:200. This may sound amazing to you but to us it’s alarming. High leverage can only benefit professional and experienced traders. To beginners, it’s always a disaster because it’s leads to higher loss. Therefore, avoid these people and choose a better and more reliable broker here; Where the leverage is capped at 1:50.

Another sign you should be watching out for when deciding on a trade platform is the spread. In this case, we see from the screenshot that the spread is 1.4 pips – not better than the spread offered by legit and regulated forex brokers, providing top customer service and guarantee for your funds. There is no need to take unnecessary risks with offshore brokers like Goldver.

Goldver review on demo account and customer service.

One of the greatest problems of goldver trading plartform is lack of a demo account. Obviously not having a demo account should discourage anyone from investing in this broker. A demo account gives traders the opportunity to practice and understand how a trading plartform works and it’s sacrosanct that every legitimate broker makes it available.

Meanwhile, in the course of this goldver.com review, we searched other review sites.
We realized that the team is just busy praising themselves. However other reviewers unequivocally condemned the plartform including the poor customer service they provide.

Goldver.com review Conclusion

This plartform is a huge scam. No regulations by any authority, no MT4 , no demo account and a lot more issues. You just have to avoid it at all cost except you are willing to loose all your money.
Thanks for reading and and don’t forget to share this piece with your friends.

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  1. Very agressive sales for crypto’s i have them blocked from different numbers in the UK for months now and they still call almost every day. After telling them not to call the calls kept coming and rude/agressive people on the phone made me block at least 5 UK numbers, 1 USA number, 1 Dutch and 1 Denmark number they use to call people

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