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MBA forex review ; Why you should be careful of MBA trading and investment limited.

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MBA Forex review ; Read this MBAtrades.com review and find out about MBA trading and investment limited.

MBA Forex is a Nigerian based forex investment plartform. There is no information regarding the time the company was established. However, according to who.is, their registration was on the 03/10/2019. These people operate with the name MBA TRADING AND INVESTMENT LIMITED; With one Mr. Maxwell Wole Odum as their CEO/MD.

MBA trading and investment limited

There are a lot of skeletons in their cupboard. Therefore, through this Mbatrades.com review, we shall expose them; And you decide to either loose your money or put it in a better place.

Meanwhile, to get across to them; potential clients will have to call +2347000002000 or send a mail to support@mbatrades.com. They can also visit their physical location at Suite C201, Plot 1245 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT .

If you have been keeping your money in the bank, that’s not a good option. Do you want to multiply your money in a legitimate manner, that’s a fantastic idea. However, you have to be careful because the forex, binary options and crypo currency industry is filled with scammers.


Mba forex Review.

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MBA Forex review.

First of all these people claim to be specialist in forex trading and training of individuals with interest. Therefore, we can conclude without any biase that it’s just an investment plartform. The truth is that you may think the system is paying people now; However, we can tell you that they just function like a ponzi scheme without sustainable plan. In other words, take it or leave it, in a matter of time, it will crash like box value.

At the moment, this MBA trading and investment limited claim to have over 10,000 active accounts. In addition, through this MBA trading and investment review; We learned that they also have over 10 offices in Nigeria and abroad. Their abroad offices are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK) This sounds amazing considering the fact that it is a new company. But don’t be fast in putting your money there. There is no evidence that these people are actually trading Forex using your money. Moreover, if you want to invest, you can choose this better and reliable broker.

Or better still, read about these world class plartforms with maximum security.

How does MBA trading and investment limited packages work?

Apparently, this people have two basic investment plans. These are the huge saver and smart funds plartforms. In both plartforms, the ROI remains 15%.

HUGE SAVER ; This plartform is for those that wants to save their ROI. In other words, they basically sign up for one year contract and instead of receiving monthly ROI; It comes three monthly. And after the twelve months contract, they receive both the capital and ROI.

SMART FUNDS ; This is the second package. In this package, clients subscribe for a six month contract. However, they receive monthly ROI in this case and also receive their capital after 6 months.

At this point, it’s important to say that without any biase, these people are scammers. There is no clear evidence that they trade Forex. You better avoid them at all cost. Their offers are just too good to be true. Moreover in the course of this MBA Forex review, we norticed contradiction in the offer. Their social media (LinkedIn) says 20% while their website is saying 15% ROI.

MBAtrades.com review on training.

Ideally a legit forex broker offers to help train their clients provided they are investing. This is usually one of the privileges they usually receive. However, in the case of mbaforex.com; the situation is entirely different.
There educational packages are very expensive.

These include: Regular, Crash and Executive packages. And they cost #150,000, #250,000 and #300,000 respectively.
For the regular package, lessons hold every Monday and Friday; Two sections each day for a duration of 3 months
Whereas for the Crash package; lessons hold in three sections each day from Monday to Friday. The package is just for one month duration.
Lessons in the executive package lasts for two months and takes place only on Saturdays.

These are very expensive offers. Moreover, the company should have made it an added advantage to their clients like other brokers.

Read value fx review before you Fall Victim 

Is MBA Forex regulated.

This is where there is a bigger problem. They claim to have offices both within and outside Nigeria. However, no part of the website is saying anything about the company’s regulation. This is just another joke but of course gullible individuals will become victims.

In this MBA Forex review ; Recall that these people claim to have offices in the UK and UAE. However, there is no substantial evidence to support this claim. We are aware that having a Forex trading office in UAE will require registrating with their forex regulatory authority. Which in this case; Is the central bank of UAE. MBA forex has no such regulation, yet they claim to have office in UAE. This is a big lie.

Also this MBA trading and investment limited deceive clients when they claim to have office in UK. We are aware that the regulatory authority in UK is financial conduct authority (FCA);  We also expect a registration number from MBAtradings.com if indeed they are registered. Unfortunately, there is none.
Stay away from this scammers that make unrealistic promises. All they want is to pull as much money as possible before they vanish.

Note; what happened to both Wazobia and box value will still happen to them.

If you want to trade or invest in forex do it a reliable broker like pax forex.

Mbatradings.com on deposits and withdrawal methods.

First, the minimum deposit in this company is $1000. This is is four times the minimum industry standard. An investment plartform without a clear investment plan; And keeping their minimum deposit as high as $1000. These people are just out to scam you.
You should invest your money in a safe place.

Meanwhile, their payment can be through bank deposit as well as wire transfer. However, they claim that the withdrawal is fully automated.

You should know that MBA Forex trading and investment limited does not use Visa card and master cards for payment. Or they didn’t make clear. Either way, never trust any company that does not use these methods of payment. This is because if you those methods, you will about six months to file a charge back if you are not comfortable with the investment. This is one place you can invest and get such opportunity.

What broker are they using and which trading plartform.

There is no information on the broker. Of course they must be using one the off sore brokers. That’s why they refused to mention anything about it. Such brokers are not regulated and their is no room for clients compensation funds.

In addition, in this MBA forex review, there is no trading plartform. How can they claim to be trading forex without mentioning the trading plartform. We should at least know if it’s a web-based trading plartform or Meta trading plartform. In any case there is information regarding this.

These people are scammers and sooner than later, this plartform will crash. Invest your money where you can receive your return with peace of mind.

Other loopholes of MBA Forex trading and investment limited.

In the course of this mbatrades.com review; we norticed they didn’tn’t disclose their fees, and no spread as well as leverage. If these things are made available, it will go a long way to influence one’s decision. This is because it will you ascertain the level of risk they take. But this information is hidden.

Mbatrades.com review conclusion.

This is scam and you will soon have it crash. They are hiding relevant information from you. We don’t even know if they are truly investing in Forex. You better avoid them and put your money in a standard company like Paxforex.

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