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Forexfirex Review; Is forexfirex a scam? Read this honest forexfirex.com review.

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Forexfirex review; Is Forexfirex.com a scam? This Forexfirex.com review will serve as an eye-opener.

Forexfirex is a Self-acclaimed CFD scam that seems to operate from the United States. They claim to be a revolutionary forex trading company with over 90 tradable assets. Forexfirex also boasts of over 100 professional account managers. These are all lies. This website was registered just 30 days ago today. And they are already making all these claims. If you invest in it, you will surely have yourself to blame.

If you have been keeping your money in the bank, that’s not a good option. Do you want to multiply your money in a legitimate manner, that’s a fantastic idea. However, you have to be careful because the forex, binary options and crypo currency industry is filled with scammers. 
ForexFirex review
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Forexfirex review

This website was created one month ago and we can confidently prove to you that it is a total calamity. If you look closely, you will realize that the trading view is nothing but a third party Widget. Therefore, they scam people by creating
the illusion of a trading terminal. The easiest way to recognize these is by the small TradingView icon on the corner of each graph.

In other words, ForexFirex, in essence, does not have a trading platform. These charts are not able to achieve trading in financial instruments. So, all trading conditions are not applicable. No spread, no leverage, and no trading assets work with ForexFirex. All of the trading information on the website is thus inaccurate.
You should not invest your money in it because it is a complete scam.

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Forexfirex.com review on the safety of your funds.

On the website, these scammers provide a certificate carrying a US address as their proof of regulation. Unfortunately, this is where they expose themselves. First of all, the US applies the most stringent rules when it comes to trading Forex. Therefore, only a handful of brokers survive there. And trust us, Forexfirex.com is not one of them.

Forexfirex review

Moreover, if you look at the certificate closely; You will realize that it was issued as far back as 2010. But like we earlier pointed out; The website was only registered on 6th October 2020. This simply confirms that the certificate is cloned.

Forexfirex.com review


Your money can only be safe when you invest in a regulated broker like this one. The majority of these legitimate brokers are regulated by either the FCA or CYSEC. These two bodies offer clients compensation. This is as much as 80000 Euros and 20000 Euros respectively if the broker shorts down.

What are their trading conditions

Forexfirex.com has no available trading condition. No leverage and no spread. Moreover, they claim to offer bonuses. However, they didn’t explain the prerequisite for getting the bonus. And don’t forget that most scammers attract potential clients using bonus offers. But in the long run; They insist on meeting impossible conditions before withdrawing the bonus. So in an attempt to qualify for such withdrawal; Investors continue depositing their hard-earned money and eventually they will lose everything.

Don’t invest in this broker else you will regret.

Also, there is no information regarding their trading platform. Most legit brokers make use of MT4 and MT5. This is because both are highly controllable and customizable. We don’t know if Forexfirex use web-based platform since their is no information regarding that. The only thing we know for sure is that they are scammers.

ForexFirex review on the deposits and withdrawal.

At this point, it becomes clearer what the intention of these scammers are. They only accept cryptocurrency as their payment option. Unfortunately, this is clear proof that they are scammers. This payment method is untracable  and that’s why they prefer it.
No further information regarding their minimum withdrawable amount; And the possible withdrawal conditions such as their commission.

Moreover, their minimum deposit is $500 which is double of the minimum industry standard. Everything about forexfirex is outrageous so stay away at all cost.


Forexfirex is a total scam and this Forexfirex review sounds as a warning. So stay away from them. The platform is not regulated which is an additional risk. Moreover, their trading conditions are not clear.
You can always invest in a legitimate broker like this one.


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