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MetamaxFx.com review, this is a disaster. Find out why in this Metamaxfx review.

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Metamaxfx.com review;  This broker is among the biggest scams of all time. They claim to be an international online broker. It did not just end there. These scammers also claim to provide access to over 130 tradable instruments. And this happens from 6 different assets, both retail and institutional investors.

However, this is just a big lie. Therefore, sit back and enjoy yourself as we expose this scam.
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Metamaxfx.com reviews
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MetamaxFX.com review

We are furthering this Metamaxfx review by checking out the bout us page. Unfortunately, it shows the first red flag of this broker.  First, this is a very new broker. The website was registered in February 2022. Therefore, it is amazing how they claim to be globally recognized.  Secondly, the identity of the operators is anonymous. We don’t know if they are professionals or not. Therefore, we discourage you from giving your money to unidentifiable individuals.  In addition, the website has no link to any parent company. It’s just a mare website.

How safe is your money in this cclaims?

Your money is not safe at all. This broker did not mention anything regarding their license. Therefore, we can conclude that there are no regulations on the broker. Meanwhile, this is a big red flag. Their activities can’t be controlled. And no one to hold them responsible if they scam you. Moreover, they claim to be operating from the UK and Mexico.  Therefore, we expect that they should have a license from the Financial Conduct auth and ok(FCA). In addition, the secretariat for finance and public credit regulates brokers in Mexico. However, there is no information regarding metamaxfx.com in their database.
They claim that their offices are in UK and Mexico. They also wrote a UK phone number and a Mexico phone number as their office contact. All these are false claims.
Metamaxfx.com review
In addition, there are no contact addresses for both the UK and Mexico offices. There how can you trace these people? Of course, they will not be traceable the moment you lose your money. The best time to save yourself from this mess is now. Don’t fall, victim, as some people did to this scam we have also reviewed.

MetamaxFx review on trading accounts

This Metamaxfx.com review will look at 4 different account types available in this broker. They are:
Silver: This account type requires a minimum deposit of $250. The minimum spread is 1.5pips. Meanwhile,  the leverage is as high as 1:200. There is also a deposit bonus of 30%.
Gold: The minimum deposit jumps to $2,500 whereas the bonus remains at 30%. However, investors that chose this account have the leverage of 1:400 even as the spread remains at 1.5pips.
Platinum: The minimum deposit is $10,000. And now, the spread has reduced to 0.8pips. While the leverage goes up to 1:500, they will 100% deposit bonus. You will also have a personal account manager.
VIP: This account requires a minimum deposit of $50,000.  It has a spread of 0 pips and a leverage of 1:500. In addition, it has a deposit bonus of 100% with a commission of $6 per lot. There is a dedicated personal account manager.

Metamaxfx.com review on trading conditions

The trading conditions are not favorable. First, the bonuses are just a form of mouth-watering offer to lure you to deposit money. You should never fall for such. Also, note that the higher the minimum deposit capital, the lower the spread, and the higher bonuses. This trend continued until the spread hit 0 pips and the bonus hit 100% in the VIP account.  This is targeted at making you deposit a high amount of money. In addition, this spread is practically an unrealistic offer. Only scammers make such an offer. Therefore, don’t be deceived. Moreover, the leverage of 1:500 is also too risky. It will result in a massive loss.

The trading platform of Metamaxfx.com

Metamaxfx.com review
Following our registration, we were exposed to a web trading platform. This may not be described as world-class. However,  it has a simple and user-friendly interface. This is a good quality of metamaxfx.com. However, we encourage people to go for a broker with MT4 and MT5. These platforms have advanced features that make trading more friendly and profitable.  You can check out this company to choose from the best companies.

Metamaxfx.com review on deposit and withdrawal

The only way to deposit with the firm is via a credit card, with a minimum deposit of $250. The minimum deposit is too high especially when legitimate firms have micro accounts for as low as $10 nowadays. Therefore, look for better places to invest your money. You will lose it on Metamaxfx.com.


This broker is a scam. Do not put your money in it. Ensure that you don’t waste your money or time in this company.  You will your money if do so. So stay far away.
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