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Bitmicrofx.com review; Is bitmicrofx a scam? Find out in this bitmicrofx review.

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Bitmicrofx.com review; Bitmicrofx is yet another brokerage scam. They believe in offering mouth-watering trading conditions such as zero spread and leverage as high as 1:500. Meanwhile, they guarantee 100% return on investment. In addition, investors can earn as high as 200% of their initial investment. All these are lies. They are just waiting for your deposit and they will disappear with it.

It has become obvious that most investors no longer have an interest in crypto mining. This is due to the rising rate of fraud and poor return on investment in the mining industry. However, it will interest you to know that lots of crypto companies are still reliable. Moreover, they offer a good return on investment. Following critical observations and experience;  Mycingminnig is top on the list of reliable mining companies.  They have a proven record of customer satisfaction.
BitmicroFx.com reviews
So, if you are an investor still looking for a reliable company to invest in; Mycingminnig remains the best.
To mention but a few of the good news about Mycingminnig; It is user-friendly;  It has over 150% return on investment with profit accrued daily and hitch-free withdrawal access. Think crypto mining! Think Mycingminnig!

Bitmicrofx.com review.

We are furthering this review by having a look at the about us page. The information on this page is nothing to write home about. First, they claim to have been in the business for 5 years. Second, they have helped over 10m people maximize their profits with 93% customer satisfaction. There is no information regarding the parent company controlling the website. In addition, there is no information regarding the operators of the website. All the necessary identifications are anonymous. Moreover, the company has no track record to justify its claims. They only want to defraud you. Therefore, avoid them at cost. Moreover, the website has an extremely low ranking on Google. And according to our who. is finding; bitmicrofx.com was registered on 10th March 2022.  Therefore claiming to have been in the business for 6 years is a lie. You should not trust such people with your money.

How safe is your money in Bitmicrofx.com

Your money is not safe.  There is no information regarding their license on the website. This means that the company is not regulated. In addition, there is no address linked to this company. Therefore you are giving your money to people you don’t know. At the same time, you can’t locate their office because they have none. These people are just like this scam we have reviewed. If this company is legit, then they should mention head office. That way, we would be able to determine if they are licensed or not.

Bitmicrofx.com review on the method of contact.

                          BitMicroFx.com review
This is another red flag of this company. They don’t have any reasonable information concerning the contact. There is no physical contact address. Moreover, the company has no phone number on the website. There’s only an email address to which we reached out, and it took a long period to get a response.

Bitmicrofx reviewing trading platform and trading conditions.

We did not have access to their trading platform.  This is because they requested our ID in a scanned format. And for obvious reasons, we could not continue. Such a request does not align with the activities of regulated brokers. However, they promise to offer the best trading platforms. These are most likely MT4 and MT5. Meanwhile, we don’t encourage you to give out information as significant as your ID to anonymous individuals.  That’s too risky and they may use it to scam you.
In addition, their trading condition such as their spread is too good to be true. This is worse especially now that it’s obvious that bitmcrofx is a scam. Also, the leverage of 1:500 is quite high. And it can result in the loss of a huge amount of money.

Bitmicrofx.com review on deposits and withdrawal methods.

This broker accepts only cryptocurrency methods of payment.  Specifically, they prefer either Bitcoin or Ethereum. This method of payment appears to be anonymous. In addition, it’s 100% irreversible. Therefore, one cannot file for a chargeback. Although this is true, other investment platforms use Bitcoin. However, they are reliable. Such a company is mycingmining. You can join them today and make profits.


This company is a scam. Do not invest your money in it else you have yourself to blame. The operators are anonymous and have no license to trade practice as a brokerage firm.
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