review ; Is this a scam or not? Find out now.

The estimated reading time for this post is 355 seconds review : This is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading software. The operator of this software guarantees an annual profit of at least 170%. Meanwhile, you don’t have to do anything to get this profit. Moreover, all you need to do is to put the earning engine either on or off; And you are good to go.

At the moment, we have a lot of issues with this autocrypto. At the end of this review, you will find out if this software is worth your time and money.

Potential clients can reach out to them through any of the social media handles on the website. At the moment, there is no phone number or email address for reaching out to them.

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First, the operator of this software claim to be a wealthboss although he’s currently anonymous. And we consider it cowardice. This software is a typical scam. This is why they are providing little information on how it works. We expect to see a detailed information on how this software works. But that’s not the case here. The big question is what strategy does it utilize in executing the trades. Of course there is no clear answer to the question.

This autocrypto lacks transparency. First at the beginning of the video on how it works, They claim that they don’t charge any fees or commission. Although later in this same video, they allegedly claim that their profits come from service charges. This is really ambiguous and typical of a scam. If they are really transparent, they should be able to make the terms and conditions clear. Such that anyone can be sure of what to expect, before investing.

Additionally, the identity of these people is not known. We always advise that you have a good knowledge of who your business partner is. This will help you determine the experience and expertise of the partner. Moreover, anyone can claim to have the best software, and it’s always good to substantiate such claim with verifiable proof. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. If these people really want us to recommend the software, they should provide verifiable proof that they are not scammers.

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In the course of this review, we found out that clients need to take only four steps to become millionaires. First, need to get started. By by doing so, they need to purchase their wealthbox. This wealthbox is sold for $40. By so doing, they will be able to utilize the software. Meanwhile, their profit will come in geometric progression.

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The second step required to be taken by Clients is Sharing. This step involves sharing their video and with as many people as possible. By so doing, you will get 3 persons under you to complete the four steps.

The 3rd step involves building. At this point, all you to do is teach your downliners how to complete the steps. That way, you are set to become a millionaire.

The last step is compounding. At this point, clients should compound their profit. This involves reinvesting 10% of your profit in the business.

From all indication, investing in this software is just like investing in a Ponzi scheme. Through their referral bonus, they expect you to become a millionaire.
Just Know this is not realistic will a software that lacks transparency.

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Pointers that this autocrypto software is a scam. review

In this review , we wish to highlight the the weaknesses of this software. They are as shown below;

(1) No license : The operators of this software does not have license to provide financial services. This people appear to operate from Russia. Moreover, throughout the website, they didn’t say a word about their license. Therefore we can safely conclude that they are not under the regulation of any body.

(2) Poor Method of payment : There is only one method of payment in this company. That is bitcoin. Meanwhile, we always say that payment by bitcoin is not traceable. Therefore anyone can make away with your money without any traces. The operators of this software should provide other methods of payment that can be more reliable.

(3). Zero Strategy : There is no clear information on the strategy used by this software in choosing trades. Meanwhile, it’s not enough to just claim that your software is profitable. It’s always important to specify the strategy utilized by the software.

(4). Lack of transparency : Additionally, their is absolutely lack of transparency by the operators. They failed to disclose their identity. And also, their channels of communication are poor. Moreover, you can only get across to her through social media. We expect to see email address, phone number and physical address.

(5) No demo account : In this review , we expect that there should be opportunity to test the software before investing real cash. This will be able to provide idea on their trading conditions. Additionally, this will help to provide insite on how much control you can have on the software. review Conclusion

This software is a complete scam. They lack transparency. Moreover, there is no method testing the software before investing real cash. They should provide an opportunity to test it using a demo account. Additionally, there should be more information about the operators and the strategy it uses in selected trades.

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