Best binary options brokers in U.S.A

Best binary options brokers in U.S.A.
The binary options market is full of scam and poor quality brokers. Therefore, different countries impose stringent rules on it. This is to protect their citizens from being victims of these scams. And the U.S.A is not left out in this case. Therefore, in this article;  We shall focus on the binary options brokers allowed in the United States.

Three binary options brokers are valid in the U.S.A.

They include:

Nadex: This is the single overall best broker. It’s under the control of the CFTC. However, Nadex permits binary options trading for the citizens of the United States. Unlike regular binary options trading; Nadex does not provide brokers to take the opposite side of the trade. It’s fairly easy to use and as earlier stated, well-regulated. Meanwhile, the overall charges are low.  This is a major reason we include it in the best binary options brokers in U.S.A.

Also, Nadex provides a demo account.  This has lots of tradable options across the market. There is no minimum initial deposit. Sadly, their only demerit is limited research capacity.

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Best binary options broker for USA.
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Other binary options brokers in U.S.A

Cantor: This is another easy-to-use platform available in the USA. It is technically regulated by CFTC. Therefore it merits being part of the best binary options broker in USA. It has access to several decent markets with a low minimum deposit. It offers a wide variety of expiry dates. In addition, newbies have tools that can help them learn and master trading.

Meanwhile, the broker has no demo account which is a big demerit. In addition, it’s not as popular as Nadex. Therefore, they have limited trading options. For example, they have only six major currency pairs. This includes Gold. Their trading expiry options range from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Their minimum stake capital is $100. This is within the universal industry standard and cheap.

CBOE and NYSE brokers: This is the last option for binary options traders living in the US. You use the broker to trade your binary options for you in a regulated zone. Their demerit is high charges especially when they use Nadex. Therefore, traders have less control compared to other options.

However, you will have access to full Nadex market. Also, the safety of your funds is assured. Therefore, it merits the to be one of the best binary options brokers in U.S.A.

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