What is Bitcoin? Crypto currency is a virtual currency that act as money. It is good for people to learn how to earn bitcoin. Bitcoin was created in the year 2009. It is a form of payment outside the control of any one person, group, or entity. Therefore it removes the need for a third -party in financial deals. Ideally, crypto currency is a reward to blockchain miners following their work in verifying deals. And can be purchased in exchanges. Currently, it is the most popular crypto currency; And Bitcoin investment dominates the crypto currency market.

How to earn bitcoin.

There are two methods earning Bitcoin. These include either Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin buying. However, either case is risky. Therefore, we shall explain how to earn bitcoin in details.

Bitcoin Mining:

This is one of the methods of earning bitcoin. It involves the use of a variety of hardware and software to generate bitcoin. Initially, it was feasible to do this on a personal computer. However, that’s not the case anymore. As it has become more popular; More miners have joined the network. Therefore, solving the Hash has become more difficult. And your personal computer has to have newer hardware to be able to do the job.

What Do You Know About Micing mining?

Mycing mining is one of the most secure and reliable crypto-mining firms in the world.
It has become obvious that most investors no longer have an interest in crypto mining. This is due to the rising rate of fraud and poor return on deal in the mining industry. However, it will interest you to know that lots of crypto firms are still reliable. Moreover, they offer a good return on investment. Following critical studies and experience; Mycing mining is top of the list of reliable mining firms. They have a proven record of customer satisfaction.


So, if you are an investor still looking for a reliable company to invest in; Mycing mining remains the best.

To mention but a few of the good news about Mycing mining; It is user-friendly; It has over 150% return on investment; With profit accrued daily and hitch-free withdrawal access. Think crypto mining! Think Mycing mining!

Currently, machines called Application Specific Integrated Circuits have been built specifically for mining. It can generate 225 trillion hashes per second. In contrast, a computer with the latest hardware generates 100 million hashes per second.

To succeed in bitcoin investment, you have the following options:

1. Join other mining pools using your personal computer. Mining pools are a group of miners that use the coactive effect of their personal computers to form a mining farm.

2. You can purchase ASIC miner. Either a new one or a used one to mine crypto currency. This is linked with energy use. Owners will therefore pay fees to keep the machine in order.

There are several mining pools and programs to choose from. However, one has to be very careful to avoid scams such as Smart mining.

Therefore, we advise you to choose from any of the Top mining companies.

How to buy bitcoin?

This is an alternative method of owning a Bitcoin. It is done using crypto currency exchanges. However, it is difficult for most people to buy a whole bitcoin due to its cost. However, it is possible to buy in batches; Using fiat currency like U.S dollars. Meanwhile, different exchanges have different methods of payment.

To buy Bitcoin, one needs to have a wallet address. This can be created either in blockchain, Binance, Trust pilot, and many others. This wallet holds the private key to the Bitcoin you own. You can start buying bitcoin today by joining IQ cent.

Investing And Holding Bitcoin

Between 2009 and 2017, crypto currency exchanges emerged. This ease crypto currency buying and selling. The price started to rise slowly until 2017 when it broke the $1000 price. Therefore, people started mining and buying bitcoin to hold. Also, traders began to place short-term trades. They use exchanges and the market improved.

Risks Of Bitcoin Investment.

There are several risks involved in bitcoin deal. This is a result of it being a virtual currency. Therefore, this article will highlight them.

1. Regulation: There is no uniform regulation about it and other cryptocurrencies. This causes panic in terms of liquidity, and longevity.

2. Security: The majority of Bitcoin investors buy and hold the currency through the exchanges. Therefore, lots of deal go happen daily. Being a digital marketer, this deals as well as the exchanges stand the chance of being hacked.

3. Insurance: Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not insured through the securities investors protection (SIPC) Corporation or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). However, some e-exchanges provide insurance through a third party.

4. Fraud risk: Although the blockchain has inherent security measures the risk of fraud is still high. Meanwhile, many Ponzi schemes now operate as either bitcoin exchanges or mining.

5. Market Risk: As with any investment, bitcoin value can fluctuate. Therefore, there are chances that traders can lose all their money;  Especially those trading futures.


We strongly recommend that clients make good research before investing in crypto currency. They should also read about how to earn bitcoin. This is a very lucrative investment. However, it comes with lots of risks. Therefore make sure to choose from any of our top crypto currency mining firms.
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