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Bitlandis review

Bitlandis review 2019 review:  they are just a scam which has no clear plan in cryptocurrency trading. We can tell you with assurance that their primary plan is to scam you. So make sure you finish this review to find out why you should not invest in


We wish to start this review by opening your eyes to the contradictory claims on the website. First whoever is behind this scam called started boldly by saying that you will make 2.2% daily proft with no risk, for 30 days.

When you do the math, it will give more than 60% profit in a month. But the quastion we ask is, how can anybody say that their is no risk in trading cryptocurrency? This singular statement shows that has no idea how the system works. We are sure that trading cryptocurrency is risky. This is because market situations are not costant.

But suprisinely, contradicts themselve in their terms and conditions. Where they say You are investing at your own risk. So telling you that there is no risk is to have you register without thinking twice.

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This company claims to be incorporated in united kingdom. Yet they refuse to disclose their identity. We searched their entire pages in But they did not say anything about their identity. We also checked but their identity is still not disclosed.

So why are they hidding their identity? Because they are scam. So stay away from them. If you ever invest, you will loose your money.


No they are not. They only claim that they are incoporated in united kingdom. This is what they call their license no:#10937463. When you check their about us page, they used the above no as a link. This link is suppose to take one to FCA page for confirmation. But if you click it, it does not take you to any page. They even made a confession when they say We are not FDIC insured. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm.

Just know that your money is not safe with

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Bitlandis review


Accondin to this scam, there are only three steps to start making profit. They are sign up, make a deposit, withdraw money. At this point we can say that is just an ignorant scam. They don’t have any meaningfull investment plan. They only promise profit which is not possible with them.

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MORE UNVERIFIABLE INFORMATION. claim to have 2905 online vissitors with 16899 active accounts. They also claim to have total deposit of $ 20073221.06 with total withdrawal of

$ 14573855.51. But there is no way to prove any of these. They are only trying to use these too goodto be true promises to get youtoregister.


10 Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, United Kingdom,SL6 4UB. They allegedely claim to be located in the above address. But when we checked google map, the only building there belongs to persimmo. Bitlandis is not there in reality. So they not even in existence. It si just a scammer sittingbehind the computer.


In the process of our review we checked so many things like regulations. But unfortunately they are not regulated, therefore we advice that you do not invest in bitlandis because we do not trust them. But you can invest in this company we recommend.


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