Bitmine Farm review: Is Legit Or Scam? Make Sure To Read This review

The estimated reading time for this post is 371 seconds Review: is legit or scam, who is behind cloud mining firm?. Well our recent research is against mining scams. So today, you will know if is legit or scam.

Bitmine review: The is a cryptocurrency mining site that was founded in 2020. They recently started advertising via Google ads. However we have warned you trusting less on some ads which seems to be legit but a trap.

The company is non verified mining site with non reliable information. We have to say this because they are mean to scam users. Our review is always a red flag on scam and we will keep striking those scammers. is relatively new and not up to a year but with a thousands bad badges. It seems all their past investors hate their platform and would never recommend it. Today I was passing by and I saw a waving hand at the top of search results by name

I had to see what this company have to offer but when I visited the company I saw fake sites. Unfortunately to me I was searching for the best place to mine. Well it added to my belief that bitcoin mining sites is the highest scam with less attention of reviewers.

Iqmining contract

Checking the platform, it’s just built with envato template. Therefore it won’t do anything better than investment platform. BIT MINE FARM claim to be a privately owned company.

A team of passionate specialists who’s specialized in Bitcoin mining using the physical hardware miners. But to be sincere this guys do nothing with your money other than keeping their wallet large.

Is legit Or Scam? review
Is legit for investors, Sorry bitmine farm is a complete bitcoin mining scam site you must avoid. However in the process of our review, we registered with them. They claim to sent us a mail but nothing was sent to us, we checked our spam but couldn’t see anything. But the worst part of it all, is that have no location, no address of were they are.  The owner is unknown and thos their experts which they say they are, is fake. is not legit.  They are not mining any bitcoin, however, they offer you demo service. Bitmine claims to offer every invest 500GH to start but it’s non withdrawal fund. However if you want to use it you will have to deposit. Above, we only need to tell you to be far from this people, don’t offer any mining service. In fact, is complete scam artist. A higher cons on mining firm, please avoid.

Are You Looking For A Legit Mining Sites?

Are you looking for a good and reliable cryptocurrency mining firm that will help you grow your investment?. We recently analyzed iqmining to be a reliable mining sites. Therefore, checking the company, it has proven to be best from investors.
Before recommending them, we checked reviews and overall ratings.  We tried this site and we will keep checking them, however from our findings  it’s best to work with. They pay and your mining grow fast unlike hashfox and We suggest you invest with iqmining and let your bitcoin grow. They are trusted and reliable

Bitmine farm Contract contract
Antminer S17 E-Series 13800000 GH/s – Private contract. It last for 30 Days
MINE 0.07166667btc daily and cost 1 BTC
to purchase.
Antminer S17 Pro +
28000000 GH/s – Private contract and last for 30 Days.
MINE 0.16333333btc daily, price is 2 BTC
Antminer Z9 Mini total of 2000 GH/s – Shared. This contract last for 30 Days
MINE 0.00000700btc daily. To purchase cost 0.0002 BTC, this plan is cheaper.
Antminer Z9 Mini 5000 GH/s – Private
run for 30 Days. MINE 0.00001833btc daily, cost 0.0005 BTC price to purchase.
Antminer S9K 11500 GH/s is Shared plan
run for 30 Days.
Mine 0.00003833btc daily, cost 0.001 BTC
purchase price.
Antminer S9K: 60000 GH/s – Private last for 30 Days at
MINE 0.00020833btc daily and cost 0.005 BTC to purchase it.
Antminer T17: 125000 GH/s – Shared
Run for 30 Days. MINE 0.00045000btc daily, cost 0.01 BTC to purchase it.
Antminer T17: 630000 GH/s – Private, this contract last for 30 Days. MINE 0.00250000btc daily. Cost 0.05 BTC to purchase it.
Antminer S17 Pro: 1270000 GH/s – Shared
Run for 30 Days. MINE 0.00566667 Ƀ DAILY, 0.1 BTC to purchase.
Antminer S17: Pro 6350000 GH/s – Private
Run for 30 Days. MINE 0.03166667, cost 0.5 BTC to purchase purchase
Antminer S17: E-Series, 13800000 GH/s – Private. Run for 30 Days, mine 0.07166667btc, cost 1 BTC to purchase.
Antminer S17: Pro + 28000000 GH/s – private pun for 30 Days. MINE 0.16333333btc daily, cost 2 BTC to purchase.
Antminer Z9: Mini 2000 GH/s – Shared
run for 30 Days. MINE 0.00000700btc daily cost 0.0002 BTC to purchase.
Antminer Z9: Mini 5000 GH/s – Private
run for 30 Days. MINE 0.00001833btc daily
cost 0.0005 BTC to purchase it.

Who Is Behind This Scam?

In the process of our bitmine farm review, we noticed that the people involves in this investment site is unknown. They have not shown themselves and will never do that. This individuals doesn’t even keep their eyes on their website. However if you ever need support, you will not get response. More-so we noticed that they are spammy and its had for their system to deliver right info.

Why Do We Sai No To

We have compared the the mining firm with scam sites like hashing24, and collect24. However, we equally compared it with legit mining sites. This bitmine farm is nothing far from collect24, therefore its scam. They are using the strategy others are using to scam investors. Above all, we don’t recommend strangers for you to mine bitcoin.

Customer Support

In the process of our review, we noticed that they don’t have customer support service at all. Users always complain of no reply to their massage, however we all know how scam works.  But if you are a beginner you might not understand when a scam will stop answering your call. That’s to say that they might be your friend at initial deposit and give you all the support. Therefore its obvious and even investors has confirmed it. This people doesn’t give support to thos that want to withdraw their money. Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude Bitmine farm review by telling you not to invest in this company. They are not legit nor are they reliable. However we have noticed that some of these scams now find it difficult to continue with their original website. Therefore, they keep bring up new scam spam site which they use to scam investors. If you are looking for a reliable mining site which you can start mining bitcoin.  We have one mining firm we can trust. Listen if we are recommending any site we are sure of this site genuineness. Though if they start changing  their positions as legit mining or trading platform, we will update our review against them fast fast. Start mining now with iqmining
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Iqmining contract
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