review: Read about this fake website that is planning to scam naive investors.

The estimated reading time for this post is 272 seconds is a new mining scam that targets naive investors. The website is has a very poor design; With little or no relevant facts. There’s no fact regarding the operators and security of your funds. Meanwhile, this firm was recently introduced to the industry. They only receive online presence through Google ads. Do not invest except you finish this review.

It’s important to remember that each investment has risk. But the level of risk differs in every investment. Higher risks are linked with investments that promise higher returns. However, no return on investment is a promise.
Keep in mind that past and future returns can be very different from each other. That means one might lose all of their invested money. Thus, you must have all the relevant facts; Before investing in any crypto-mining company. review

Capital BTC domain was registered just 24hours ago. However, the anonymous operators claim to have clients from across the globe. These are just bunch of scammers that should be in the police custody. They only claim that their system is profitable. Meanwhile, they have no data centers or mining rigs anywhere in the world. Moreover, the website is not secure.

Capital BTC

Therefore, do not make the mistake of giving them your email. If you are interested in making profit from crypto mining, then join Mycingmining.

Mycing mining is one of the most secure and reliable crypto-mining industries in the world. It has become obvious that most investors no longer have an interest in crypto mining. This is due to the rising rate of fraud and poor return on investment in the mining industry. However, it will interest you to know that lots of crypto firms are still reliable. Moreover, they offer a good return on investment. Following critical studies and experience; Mycing mining is top of the list of reliable mining firms. They have a proven record of customer satisfaction. review

So, if you are an investor still looking for a reliable company to invest in; Mycing mining remains the best.

To mention but a few of the good news about Mycing mining; It is user-friendly; It has over 150% return on investment with profit accrued daily and hitch-free withdrawal access. Think crypto mining! Think Mycing mining!

How safe is your money?

Your money is not safe. Meanwhile, according to this our review; The operators are hiding their identity. This is because they are scammers. As you can see in the image below, the website is not secure. Therefore, your personal data is not safe. In addition, the operators are entirely silent regarding the security of your funds. The firm has no office address. Also, their is no country of origin. How can you invest in such firm with no useful facts. In addition, Capital BTC is not regulated by any agency. So if you loose your money, you can’t recover. So we encourage you to invest only in a registered company that is regulated by FCA or other agencies.

The Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) is the regulatory agency in Britain. All valid financial brokers must register with it. This gives the broker the license to operate in the area. Each valid broker deposits a specific amount of money with the FCA. This is called clients’ compensation funds. Therefore, if the broker collapses; then investors will get rewards from FCA. Meanwhile, each investor can get a reward of as much as €80000. review on available customer support.

This is one of the greatest red flags of Capital BTC. There’s absolutely no means of contacting these scammers. There is no office address, no email address, no live chat an no contact number. There’s also no social media handle. You should never invest your money in this company. Just like Cronmining, is a complete scam. Do not ever invest in such firm. Start making money today if you join Mycing mining. They excellent support services including Whatsapp, email, live chat and many more. review on investment plans.

There are five different investment plans available in this company. They include Starter, Economy, Advanced, Professional and Investor plans. They decieve clients by tricking them with fake discounts. However, their daily ROI is as much as 20%. This is highly unrealistic. So, do not make the mistake of putting your money else you will regret it.

Methods of deposit, withdrawal and charges.

The only available method of deposit and withdrawal is crypto currency. Although valid mining firms can use this method; It’s common among scammers. This is so since it’s not traceable.
Also, their are no data regarding their charges. Capital BTC is silent so that they can frustrate you with charges if you invest. Stay away from this company. review conclusion

This firm is a scam. Do not invest in it. The operators are anonymous.  Moreover, it’s not registered and has no regulations. You will end up losing your money. Moreover, the website is just 24 hours old.
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