The estimated reading time for this post is 260 seconds is malevolent mining company. It is managed by unprofessionals. They promise high ROI to prospective investors. However, they end up defrauding them. Meanwhile; If you do not want to loose your money; Do not invest in

Always remember that every investment is associated with risks. Although, risks differ from investment to investment. Meanwhile, Investments that promise higher returns are always linked with higher risk factors. Moreover, Past and future returns can be very different from each other. Remember that no return on investment is a promise. Therefore; It simply implies that one might loose all of their invested money. However, good understanding of the relevant facts; Before investing in any crypto- mining company curtails loss. review.

This is a dubious firm. They promise to offer unrealistic returns. This is just a tactic use to lure investors. Note that, outrageous returns are linked to scammers.

Secondly, from our findings in; was registered in 19th July, 2022. However, they claim their site was updated in 2020. is a new company. And it is deficient in information. Moreover, they lack integrity. Therefore, do not invest your money in it. You will loose your money. Invest in a reliable and secured mining firm.

Mycing mining is one of the most secure and reliable crypto-mining industries in the world. It has become obvious that most investors no longer have an interest in crypto mining. This is due to the rising rate of fraud and poor return on investment in the mining industry. review

However, it will interest you to know that lots of crypto firms are still reliable. Moreover, they offer a good return on investment. Following critical observations and experience; Mycing mining is top of the list of reliable mining firms. They have a proven record of customer satisfaction. So, if you are an investor still looking for a reliable company to invest in; Mycingmining remains the best. Do not waste your money in investment plan review.

This firm promises to offer high returns to investors. Meanwhile, they have three investment plans ranging from silver to platinum plans. For their silver plan; Minimum: $500.00
MAximum: $2,000.00
ROI: 15% After 7 Days
Duration: 7 Days. Then for their gold plan;
Minimum: $2,000.00
MAximum: $4,500.00
ROI: 30% After 5 Days
Duration: 5 Days. Moreover, for their platinum plan; Minimum: $4,500.00
MAximum: Unlimted
ROI: 65% After 3 Days
Duration: 3 Days.
In addition, you can observe that the silver plan promises to give; 15percent after 7days. The higher the amount to be invested, the higher the interest rate.

These interest rates are just unrealistic. Also, in the gold plan, if you invest $2000, they promise to give $600 after 5days(30% of $2000). This simply means for 30days, the investor will make; $3600. It is not realistic at all. And for the platinum plan, they promise 65% after 3days. Assuming one invests $4500; They promise to offer him ROI of $2925 after 3days. Therefore, this implies that in 30days, the investor will make ROI of $29,250. It is obviously not practicable. So, only a HYIP can guarantee such offer. They just want to lure you and defraud you.

How safe is your money.

Your money is not safe at all. You will loose your money if you invest in this company. Meanwhile, claims to stand firm in support of financial freedom. Only register and enjoy this freedom. This is a big lie. is a dubious firm. Their operators are not bold enough to reveal their identity. They can only be reached via email address. No mobile number and, social media accounts.

In addition, this firm don’t have live chat system.

However, since the address is in UK, we expect them to be registered with FCA; which is a standard regulatory agency. is mute on their registration and regulation. The Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) is the regulatory agency in Britain. All valid financial brokers must register with it. This gives the broker the license to operate in the area. Each valid broker deposits a specific amount of money with the FCA. This is called clients’ compensation funds. Therefore, if the broker collapses; then investors will get rewards from FCA. Meanwhile, each investor can get a reward of as much as €80000. review on methods of contact.

This is a fraudulent company. The only means of reaching them is via email address. They are hiding their mobile number and they are not on social media. This is because; They are aware that they are scammers. If they defraud you, you cannot reach them. Do not invest your money in They will defraud you.


It is obvious that is a scam. They promise to offer outrageous ROI to investors. Thus, defrauding them of their money. Invest your money in a more reliable and trusted mining firm.

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