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November 29, 2022

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East Capital markets review : This is a forex and CFD broker that is very ready to reap you off your hard earned money.
If you know what is good for, please avoid this broker at all cost.
Meanwhile, according to the website, east capital markets was launched in 2016. The broker claims to help newbies achieve financial breakthrough in forex trading.

East capital markets claim to have the best of experience in forex trading. Moreover, this is a big fat lie. They are a bunch of scammers applying every marketing strategy just to scam you.
East Capital markets lacks transparency. Therefore, this review will expose all their weaknesses. And as well other scam robot and brokers

To contact them, potential clients are required to send a mail to [email protected]
They can also call +33(0)971072618.

In addition, clients can also fill out a contact form on the website home page.

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East Capital markets review

East capital markets is a broker targeting traders in France. This broker operates from Hong Kong as a subsidiary of MUU group limited. Meanwhile, this broker has been listed as a scam. Although it claim to be registered and regulated; But the French AMF listed this broker among other brokers that are providing financial services without license. Therefore, the broker is not regulated. If you invest your money, you are at a high risk of loosing everything.

Meanwhile, east capital markets claim to be using Mt4 trading plartform. This plartform is customizable and easy to use. This is a good quality of East Capital markets, as most traders prefer this trading plartform.

In addition, this broker also make use of a webtrader that operate in the principle of Mt4. The webtrader is easily customizable and comes with unique experience. Therefore, you just have to choose from the wide range of indicators; And graphical options to make your trading experience unique.

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East Capital markets review

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East capital markets claim that with their trading tools, trades can be executed with just a click.
Meanwhile, we believe that this are just empty claims. There is no evidence that this broker is profitable. Moreover, the regulatory bodies have been warning the public about it. Therefore, you really need to be very careful with these people.

Furthermore, East Capital Markets’ offer seems very broad in terms of assets available for trade. The broker’s product portfolio covers currency pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, precious metals, stocks, and a lot of cryptocurrencies. In case you have interest in bitcoin investment, then east capital markets is definitely not for you.

What do you know about Markets invest?

Is your funds safe in East capital markets?

East Capital markets review





Of course your money is not safe in this company. First this broker is not coherent in the information they provide for us. They claim to be targeting clients in France. Meanwhile, they also claim to be operating from Hong Kong. And going through their terms and conditions, you will notice that they also claim to be under UK governing body. All these stories are fake. That’s why they don’t add up. Who ever is behind this scam is just using it to confuse clients. Therefore you should stay very far away from east capital markets, else you may regret it.

In addition, East Capital Markets’ website gives false information about their license and regulation. So, we can safely conclude that the broker is not licensed.  Therefore not allowed to operate on any regulated financial market such as the US, EU, Japan or Canada.

Moreover, the broker illegally targets French investors; It was blacklisted by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). The regulator warned the public against doing business with East Capital Markets. They said that the broker provides unauthorized online investment services in derivatives in France.

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Any evidence that this broker is profitable?

No, there is none. This broker does not show any trading history. In this East Capital markets review, we tried to find out if this broker is truly profitable. Therefore, we want to see their trading history. They should show us verifiable proof by providing a myfxbook account or fxblue account. This way, we shall be able to advise our clients right.

Moreover, if indeed this broker is profitable, then people will talk about it on the internet. But this is not the case. East Capital markets has no online presence. We checked forexpeacearny and many other forex trading forums. Unfortunately, there are no reviews about east capital markets. Therefore it shows that no one has benefited from it. Moreover, even the small available reviews on the internet are negative ones.

East Capital markets review Conclusion.

This broker is a scam. They will definitely reap you off your hard earned money. They provide incoherent knowledge of their true identity. This is very bad for a broker that hope to get potential clients. Moreover, they are in the blacklist of Fresh AMF. If you really want to invest in forex trading, then do it in a regulated broker which has proof of profitability.


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