Equinexcapital.com review: is this scam or legit?

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Equinexcapital is a fund management company. They promise to use their highly institutional quality traders and provide you next generation investment.
In other words, they help investors stand out from the crowd. So they can succeed using their Forex managed account and top notch service.
Therefore they will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is decide the amount to invest and go on with your life. Meanwhile, you can either invest in EUR, USD,GBP or AUD. Equinexcapital promise to also maintain constant gain to their investors. The above statement sounds suspicious. Especially when they also make contradictory statement to it. But we shall get to it later in this equinexcapital review. Remember, you can invest in this regulated broker.

Above all, you can start investing in equinexcapital with as little as $200. But this company encourages clients to keep topping up their investment. This is because the more you invest, the more your absolute profit. To us, this is still suspicious. Because it defeats the aim of finding out how profitable their operation is using little capital. You can open exclusively managed account in equinexcapital. And with their experienced and regulated brokers, you are sure of absolute return. HashFlare Equinexcapital displays one Ricardo Mercado as the founder and fund manager in this operation. But there is no other footprint to this man. Except his social media handles right below his fake picture. We really don’t trust this firm.

And this equinexcapital review will help you understand why we don’t trust them. In all, there is no transaction. We believe that they are just promoting which they claim are regulated.

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Equinexcapital Review

We wish to continue this equinexcapital.com Review by exposing their red flags. First, our who.is findings shows that this domain was registered on 12th October 2018. That is about four months ago. It worries us how they acquired this experience they claim to have. Moreover, their trading performance is not encouraging. Currently, we don’t know the average monthly return an investor can realize. In the year 2018 they claimed to have gained 3.74% . But had two loosing months in November and December. Like we said earlier, their ROI is not encouraging.
So far, we can say that this company has lost more times than they have gained.

In addition, this company does not disclose the so called team of professionals. And we don’t we encourage anyone to invest in such company.
Equinexcapital also claim to be regulated. Funny enough, they could not disclose any of their regulatory body. We can assure you that nobody regulates this firm. They even mentioned it that the company is not registered with any regulatory body in US. This includes NFA&CFTC. So if any body regulates these people they should have as well mentioned the name. Therefore, this company is not safe your investment. But you can invest in any of these regulated brokers.

Equinexcapital.com review on fees.

This company charges only incentive fees. This fee is referred to as High Water mark ( HWM) performance fee. Meanwhile, there are 3 account types by Equinexcapital. They are Exclusive Forex managed account, Darwinex, and Alpari PAMM. All these accounts charge a unique fee of 20%. They claim that any other fee is by 3rd party for either deposit or withdrawal (ie Visa/Masta cards). Since these people promise constant ROI; It means they never loose. But this is not the case since they have lost more than have gained.

Let us explain using this HWM fee, and 20% charge by Equinexcapital.
Let us assume a trader invest $500,000. And during the first 1st month the firm makes 15% ($75000) profit. His total worth is $575,000. Then he will pay 20% of $75000; That’s $15000. If by next month the firm looses 20%, which is possible contrary to equinexcapital claims. The clients worth drops to $460,000. The advantage of HWM is that the investor will not pay any charges. He can only pay again when his account gets up to >$575000.
Therefore, if equinexcapital promise constant ROI through HWM, they are just deceiving you. We do not recommend this this company for you. Except they become more transparent. So stay away from them or have yourself to blame.

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Our conclusion

There are regulated brokers that can make profit for you. Don’t say we did not warn you when you loose your money to equinexcapital. This because our equinexcapital.com review is explanatory enough. You can always get back to us for further clarification.

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